How Tall Do Red Bell Pepper Plants Get? (EXPLAINED)

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How Tall Do Red Bell Pepper Plants Get

Question of the Day: How tall do red bell peppers plants get?

Quick Answer: Growing up to six feet tall, red bell pepper plants can get quite large compared to most other pepper varieties.

The red bell pepper or Capsicum annuum plant is a perennial. This means that as long as healthy growing conditions exist, they do not die back. When grown in greenhouses, some specimens have continued to bear fruit for over five years.

This long-life gives them plenty of time to grow, and plants two feet across and up to six feet tall are not uncommon. Remember, though, these are plants raised in a controlled environment and given daily care.

In most gardens, you can expect red bell pepper plants to reach three feet in height in a single growing season and to die back if temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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