Do Bell Peppers Give You Gas? (EXPLAINED)

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Do Bell Peppers Cause Gas

Question of the Day: Do bell peppers give you gas?

Quick Answer: Yes, bell peppers do give many people gas.

In a recent Live Strong article written with the help of Dr. Niket Sonpal, MD, they explain several possible reasons why bell peppers can make you gassy.

According to Dr. Sonpal, the two most common reasons bell peppers can give you gas are that they contain large amounts of dietary fiber and sugars.

Fiber is difficult for the intestines to break down and can pass entirely through your system till expelled in your stool. Sugars, such as glucose and fructose, are usually absorbed in the small intestine but can pass on to the colon in people with fructose intolerance.

In either case, bacteria in the colon may ferment these carbohydrates, releasing hydrogen and methane gases, leading to bloating and flatulence.