Can You Freeze Green Bell Peppers? (EXPLAINED)

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Can You Freeze Green Bell Peppers?

Question of the Day: Can you freeze green bell peppers?

Quick Answer: Yes, you can freeze green bell peppers.

Freezing green bell peppers is very easy.

  1. Wash your green bell peppers and allow them to dry.
  2. Core and seed your peppers then slice them into rings.
  3. Place green peppers on baking sheets, ensure they aren’t touching and put them in your freezer.
  4. Once frozen, move your peppers to airtight containers, label, and store your frozen bell peppers in the coldest portion of your freezer.

Frozen green bell peppers’ flavor and nutritional value will remain the same for up to eight months. They will, however, not be as crisp and crunchy as fresh bell peppers.