Where Can I Buy Thai Basil? List of Stores That Sell Thai Basil

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Where Can I Buy Thai Basil

Thai basil is a unique basil plant variation that grows throughout Southeast Asia. Over the last few years, it has become very popular both as a challenging plant to grow and a unique herb for various cuisine traditions. For example, it mixes well with traditional Vietnamese pho, spring rolls, and even tops pizza with relative ease. In this way, it stands apart from basil due to its unique aromatic flavor.

However, you may find it a little challenging to find this plant in your local garden shop, as it has yet to become as popular as basil. That said, many shops around the nation do offer it. Below are ten different stores where you can find this unique plant. Some are online-only shops, but others are brick-and-mortar stores. When possible, we’ll discuss these stores in depth.


Walmart is a store that needs no introduction, as hundreds of different shops exist across the nation and thousands worldwide. Some Walmart stores may have organic Thai basil leaves as part of their produce section. Note that these leaves are for eating only. Some Walmart centers may also have Thai basil plants to grow. It is important to check availability with your local Walmart to see what they have to offer.


We were surprised to learn that Amazon sells Thai basil. There are numerous listings on there where you can get Thai basil shipped directly to your door. We can’t comment on the speed or freshness of the shipping process, but it may be worth trying as a solution.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is a large chain of organic food stores that provide a variety of different food options. While not as widespread as Walmart or other similar supermarkets, they do exist in many cities across the nation and are probably a good bet if you want to buy organic and fresh Thai basil leaves for your meals. Some Whole Foods destinations may also have fresh Thai basil plants to grow.

Home Depot

Lastly, Home Depot often sells Thai basil plants in season, which will vary based on your area. They usually put out these plants early in the season in their outdoor and gardening sections. If you visit your local Home Depot and if they don’t have Thai basil, you can ask them when and if they stock it. There’s a good chance that they add it to their department every year.

If they do not, you may be able to ask for a specialty order through them. Sometimes, stores will stock extra plants if they believe that there is a demand. However, it is usually easier to order online in this way, as you can get the plants delivered directly to you. That said, shipping in this way has challenges, as well, so make sure that you’re prepared for the risk of a damaged plant.

The Grower’s Exchange

The Grower’s Exchange is located at 951 Techpark Place in Sandston, Virginia, a relatively decent-sized city that contains a surprising array of different food and growing options. For example, there are farmers’ markets where various goods and foods are sold and exchanged, providing a broad number of different choices for buyers. The Grower’s Exchange remains one of the most popular of these destinations.

They can sell Thai basil directly to you in person or through their online shop. Buying online is often a good idea because they can ship these goods directly to you. If you live in Virginia and want a strong plant, though, you can buy directly from their shop. Here, you can get growing tips, potting soil, and much more. Growing Thai basil in Virginia’s rather warm climates should be relatively easy, too.

Alpha Nursery & Garden Center

Alpha Nursery & Garden Center is located at 12 Alpha Lane in Cascade, Idaho. This growing center provides Cascade and the surrounding areas with easy access to many Idaho-friendly plants. While Idaho may not have the kind of high temperatures that Thai basil will need to thrive, you can easily grow your basil indoors to get the results that make the most sense for your plant needs.

This shop also provides various growing tools, including fertilizer, multiple types of plant food, watering devices, and much more. You can buy these items here and use them for your Thai basil or any other growing needs you may possess. For instance, it is not uncommon to use similar growing techniques for Thai and traditional basil, as they have similar soil and watering needs.

Bangkok Center Grocery

Bangkok Center Grocery is one of the many uniquely Asian food centers available throughout New York City. This specialty grocery store focuses on Thai food and Thai food ingredients, including a variety of very spicy and sweet options. They sell pad Thai, noodles, dried shrimp, peanuts, and much more. Usually, they have Thai basil available as either a plant or as a food ingredient.

As part of the very active and engaging Asian cultural life in New York City, Bangkok Center Grocery provides residents with a broad range of unique options. Growing Thai basil in NYC may be a challenge for some people, as they may have limited room in their apartments or homes. However, indoor growing can be very rewarding if you buy a UV light to keep your Thai basil warm.

Inthria Thai Market

Like Bangkok Center Grocery, Inthria Thai Market provides a myriad of Thai-oriented food and growing options for people in the New York City area. It includes Thai basil as both an ingredient and as a plant, giving residents a chance to try out this unique basil variety. Some stores like these (particularly Asian-specialty shops) may also include powdered or chopped Thai basil for cooking.

Cooking with Thai basil powders of chopped leaves is fairly simple and can be done as if you were using traditional basil ingredients. However, it is important to make sure that you account for the more potent kick you get from Thai basil. Some people may find its taste is a bit too much for their preferences. Others may start growing Thai basil to get easier access to these ingredients.

Ray Wiegand’s Nursery

Located at 47747 Romeo Plank Road in Macomb, Michigan, Ray Weigand’s Nursery is considered one of the finest growing options in the area. This nursery provides Macomb residents and those in the surrounding area access to many different plants. Depending on the season, they often offer Thai basil for their customers, including seeds and full-grown plant growths.

Growing Thai basil in Michigan may be challenging, even in the relative warmth of the southern part of the state. Michigan gets a lot of cold weather, including snow, and Thai basil will struggle in these conditions. Indoor growing may be your best option here. If you want to plan Thai basil outside in the Macomb area, make sure to transplant them indoors when the weather gets below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Import Thai Market

Import Thai Market on 7544 West Lemhi Street in Boise, Idaho, is another fine addition to the unique culinary traditions throughout this city. Boise may not be first on anybody’s list of foodie destinations but is surprisingly diverse in its various food options. Import Thai Market serves the city’s Thai food needs and primarily offers Thai basil as leaves or cooking powders.

However, they also include unique cooking recipes, guidance through creating your own recipes, and videos to help cook with their various ingredients. While they do not offer Thai basil as a growing option, they could work well for anyone who wants a quick and efficient option for Thai basil. They also ship for online orders, making them convenient for anyone in or around this area.

Temple of Thai

Temple of Thai is a California-based Thai food specialty shop with no brick-and-mortar shop. Instead, they focus only on long-distance orders online or through their catalog. Most orders are made online and include items as diverse as Thai food ingredients, various cookware, fruit carving options, and more. They sell Thai basil as a cooking ingredient but not as a plant.