Can I Use Basil Instead of Rosemary (EXPLAINED)

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Can I Use Basil Instead of Rosemary

Question of the Day: Can I Use Basil Instead of Rosemary?

Quick Answer: You can certainly replace rosemary with basil and it will work fine in most dishes. However, keep in mind that these two herbs don’t taste exactly the same. If you’re going for a fall or Thanksgiving flavor profile, you won’t get there by making this replacement, but your dish is likely to taste good all the same.

When you’re making this replacement, be sure to go with dried basil as it’s going to be far more similar to rosemary compared to fresh. Fresh basil tends to hold onto its sweeter flavor notes whereas dried takes on a more general dried herb flavor.

To make this replacement, simply use the same amount of basil as you would rosemary in a recipe (a 1 to 1 replacement).