Can I Use Basil Instead of Oregano? (EXPLAINED)

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Can I Use Basil Instead of Oregano?

Question of the Day: Can I Use Basil Instead of Oregano?

Quick Answer: Yes! You can replace basil with oregano on a 1 to 1 basis. Both of these herbs are fantastic for Italian dishes such as red sauces, lemon sauces or simply serving dried over pasta and olive oil.

However, oregano tastes a bit less sweet and a bit more earthy and pungent. This should be something you keep in mind when you’re replacing these herbs. 

One thing to note is that when both of these herbs are dried, their flavors become much harder to distinguish from one another. It’s when you replace fresh basil with fresh oregano that you’ll notice a big difference. In general, dried basil and oregano taste pretty much like standard “Italian seasoning” you might have seen in the grocery store.