Are Banana Peppers Pickled Jalapenos? (EXPLAINED)

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Are Banana Peppers Pickled Jalapenos?

Question of the Day: Are banana peppers pickled jalapenos?

Quick Answer: No banana peppers are not pickled jalapenos? Both banana peppers and jalapenos belong to the Capsicum annuum family, are medium-sized chilies, and are available pickled in jars. That is where their similarities end.

People love banana peppers for their low heat and sweet, tangy flavor. Pickled jalapenos are much hotter, with Scoville ratings as high as 5,000SHU compared to banana peppers maximum of 500.

Pickling the jalapeno only enhances this difference.

Take note that when buying any pickled pepper, you should do so with caution if you follow any strict diet. Preserved peppers bought at the grocery can contain any number of ingredients, including flavor enhancers, preservatives, and stabilizers. This is on top of the high sugar and sodium levels they almost all have.

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