Are Banana Peppers Fermented? (EXPLAINED)

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Are Banana Peppers Fermented

Question of the Day: Are banana peppers fermented?

Quick Answer: Fresh banana pepper are obviously not fermented, but you can buy them jarred at the grocery or ferment them yourself if you like. The two most common types of jarred banana peppers sold are fermented and pickled. Pickled peppers will be in a vinegar solution while fermented will be in brine.

If you want to make your own pickled banana peppers, the process is very simple and makes an ideal introduction to fermenting vegetables.

  1. Wash, dry, and slice your peppers into rings,
  2. Place your peppers into glass jars.
  3. Mix a 2% brine solution and pour over the banana peppers.
  4. Place a weight on the peppers to prevent them from floating and skim off any seeds that come to the surface.
  5. Cover your jars with cheesecloth and place in a cool dark area for 5-10 days.
  6. After the first five days, taste your banana peppers each day till you are satisfied with their taste and seal the jars.