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ThriveCuisine.com is now accepting guest posts for vegan recipes.

Want to know how to submit one? Keep reading!

Guest Post Topics

As of right now, you may only submit recipes. We may include additional types of content in the future.

By submitting the form below, we will give you a list of recipe topics that we are currently looking for.

You can then pitch us from one of those topics.

Length of Posts

Recipes should be anywhere from 600-1000 words. These aren’t hard limits, but it should be enough to explain the steps in good detail.


How many images should you provide?

Each recipe should have at least 4-6+ images. Extra points for including well-shot process steps.

Each image must be 100% unique and photographed SPECIFICALLY for ThriveCuisine.com.

Images must be tall and Pinterest friendly. Here are some image sizes you can use (W X L)

  • 736 x 1128
  • 976 x 3642
  • 736 x 2748
  • 736 x 1104
  • 735 x 2400
  • 735 x 1200

Quality Guidelines

All recipes submitted must be of extremely high quality.

We reject poorly taken photos or may ask you to rewrite directions if they aren’t clear.

Make sure things like your lighting, food presentation etc. are all in check and well thought out.


All recipes should follow this basic structure…

  • Single sentence describing the recipe.
  • Introduction
  • Basic Recipe Metrics
    • Prep Time, Cook Time, Total Time, Servings, Cuisine Type, How Long It Keeps For
  • Ingredients (with metric measurements)
  • Step by Step Directions
  • Any Notes

Attribution & Links

You’re submitting an awesome recipe and we want to give you credit.

Please submit an About the Author bio along with a photo.

You may include one relevant dofollow (non-promotional) link to your site in the body. Please make sure its related and helpful to the readers.

You may not include any affiliate links. We may include our own whee appropriate.

Submission format

Please submit the article in .docx format.


Please note we reserve the right to reject submissions.  In the event we reject your submission, we’re happy to give you the opportunity to improve the article and resubmit it.


Please not that by submitting an article for publishing on ThriveCuisine.com you agree that copyright to that article passes to ThriveCuisine.com.

Get Started Below

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Finally, you’ll receive a list of topics from us. Please write back and pitch your ideas from there.

Happy guest posting.