8 Cheap Faux Leather Couch Options That Look Expensive

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Looking for a cheap faux leather couch that looks like it's super high-end? You're going to love these hand picked vegan-friendly options.

cheap faux leather couch

Now you can have a great looking room without breaking your budget. Let's get to these inexpensive couches...

1. Latitude Run Tolar Sofa

You don’t have to sacrifice the appearance of your new faux leather couch just because you are on a budget, and this attractive option from Latitude Run is sure to provide you with the comfortable seating that you need. Thanks to its compact design, this sofa can easily fit into most any area of your home without looking out of place.

You’ll love the modern style and the curved legs, as they add beauty to the piece that keeps it from looking boring. While you do have to complete some assembly with this sofa, it is relatively fast and easy to do and won’t take very long. Enjoy the attractive color and the way that the faux leather will wear over the years for a comfortable, yet stylish look.


  • The design is a little modern and very stylish
  • It is very comfortable to sit on, even for longer periods of time


  • There are some owners who think it is too low to the ground, making it difficult to get off of
  • Some reports state that it is a lower quality piece

2. Wade Logan Graham Convertible Sleeper

Not only is this faux leather sofa great for people on a budget, but it easily drops down to provide you with an extra place for guests to sleep. The attractive metal legs contrast nicely with the brown faux leather of this sofa, and thanks to the details such as the button tufting and the squared off arms, you will feel like you have bought a high-quality piece.

It is large enough to provide seating for a large group of people, and the faux leather is very easy to clean and take care of so you don’t have to worry about how your sofa will look as you use it. Even though the arms aren’t pillowtop, they are very comfortable and have enough padding to keep you from feeling like you can’t curl up on your sofa.


  • The straight lines and classic look of this sofa make it very visually appealing
  • Perfect in a minimalist space due to the light faux leather color and design


  • Some owners have reported that it is easy to accidentally damage the faux leather
  • There are reports of the cushion of the sofa not being very thick or comfortable

3. Serta at Home Palisades 78” Sofa

Unlike other sofas, this one is incredibly compact even though it is long enough to accommodate a few people at once.

The square footers and the straight arms complement each other and ensure that your sofa looks contemporary and updated, even though it can easily work in most any home décor that you choose. The high-quality hardwood that is used to create the frame of this sofa is wrapped in faux leather. 

Inside of the sofa are individually wrapped coils that are chosen to provide you with a comfortable place to sit. While you can relax into the cushions, they offer enough support so that you do not feel like you are sinking or like you will have difficulty getting up off of the sofa at a later time.


  • It is very easy to clean pet fur off of the sofa
  • The bottom cushions are firm and do a great job holding their shape


  • Some owners have reported that the back pillows are overstuffed and uncomfortable
  • There are reports of the back pillows falling down when you try to get comfortable

4. Latitude Run Pennock Sleeper Sofa

If you want an elegant faux leather sofa for your home, but don’t want to overpay, then this is a great option for you.

Not only will the back of the sofa drop down to provide you with an extra place for guests to sleep, if you need it, but you are sure to love the design features that really set this sofa apart from others on the market. The light brown faux leather upholstery is complemented by the curved and bright legs. 

Unlike other sofas that have traditional square legs, the curve of the legs on this sofa really make it an interesting piece that is attractive and functional. Additionally, this sofa has been designed to be very sturdy and reliable, the wood frame inside is durable and won’t break, and the faux leather is incredibly soft to the touch.


  • The light color of the faux leather will help to brighten up your home
  • Perfect for smaller spaces


  • There are reports of the sofa being incredible hard to assemble and parts being sharp enough to cut your hand
  • Some owners have found that it is not comfortable for long periods of time

5. Three Posts Clintonville Sofa

If you are looking for a very handsome sofa that features straight lines, no frills, and attractive exposed feet, then this is a great option to consider.

Not only is the faux leather dark enough to make it difficult to see any spills or stains on this sofa, but it is soft and comfortable to the touch, which means that you can make yourself at home on your sofa without feeling uncomfortable or sticky. 

While there aren’t any metal accents on this sofa, the dark color of the faux leather and the natural wood make it a perfect piece to complement wood or metal pieces in your home. The faux leather is resistant to scratches, which means that it is perfect for a family with pets or children.


  • There is plenty of room for three to four people to sit at once
  • The finished back means that you can place this sofa anywhere in the room without worrying about exposing the back


  • Some users have reported damaged on the faux leather where it creases by the arm
  • There are reports that sitting too far back on the sofa will cause the cushions to slip out

6. Mercury Row Desma Sofa

The bright metal legs of this sofa complement the straight and smooth lines, as well as the dark color of the faux leather. Not only does this sofa feature a very streamlined appearance and silhouette, but it can easily fit into either a formal or a casual space, depending on your personal décor.

The foam cushions are durable and incredibly comfortable, and because the sofa was designed and created to withstand both commercial and residential use, you can rest easy knowing that it would be very difficult to damage the piece. The multiple bottom cushions allow for movement on the sofa without feeling like you are bothering others, and you can easily remove the back cushions for cleaning, if necessary.


  • It is very easy to assemble this sofa
  • The firm cushions provide plenty of support to people while sitting
  • The industrial look is attractive and modern


  • There are some reports that the back cushions are too firm to lean against
  • Some owners have reported that this sofa isn’t comfortable to sit on for long periods of time

7. Ebern Designs Colville Convertible Sofa

The strong wooden frame inside of this sofa has been built to last and designed to offer you all of the support that you need when you are sitting.

The faux leather is not only very attractive and easy to clean, but a deep, rich color that looks natural without breaking the bank. Because this sofa can easily hold 700 pounds, you never have to worry about accidentally damaging it by allowing too many people to sit on the sofa at once. 

Additionally, the sofa back will drop down to create a flat surface for lounging or sleeping, making this a very versatile piece.


  • The attractive style makes this sofa fit with most any décor
  • Thanks to the interesting legs and tufting, this sofa is visually appealing


  • Some owners have reported that it is very low to the ground and difficult to get off of
  • There are reports that the cushions aren’t very thick and don’t offer a lot of support

8. Sorrento Retro Faux Leather Sofa

There isn’t anything boring about this attractive brown faux leather sofa, thanks to its straight and thin legs, tufting on the back, and solid cushion.

The sculptural arms add a lot of interest to the sofa as well and mimic the appearance of the legs. The dark walnut wood has been stained to perfectly complement the appearance of the dark faux leather, and this sofa is ready to bring any area of your home to life. 

Although this sofa looks very modern thanks to the straight lines of the piece, the tufting and slight splay to the legs make it look a little bit more retro.


  • Due to its smaller size, this sofa is great in a smaller space and won’t take up a lot of extra room
  • The open and airy design of this sofa prevent it from appearing too visually heavy


  • Some owners have reported that the cushion isn’t very comfortable and that extra pillows are necessary to soften up the seating
  • There are reports of the assembly instructions being confusing

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