Our Favorite Broccoli Shirts and Hoodies!

Ah, broccoli, you either love it or you hate it. Regardless of how your taste buds feel about it, there's no doubt that you should be eating more of it. Broccoli is a powerhouse of nutrients and is versatile enough to go in a wide range of cuisine-types. We decided to put together this compilation of broccoli t shirts and hoodies in celebration of all the great things that this veggie can do.

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Our Favorite Broccoli Shirts


Once you start getting your adequate fill of fruits and veggies such as broccoli, it can be downright addicting. The focus, mental clarity, physical and overall well-being are going to be things that you want to have more and more of. That's why we love the Broccoholic t shirt - because some addictions can be good for your health!

World Broccoli Eating Champion

Unfortunately, most eating champions get their title from eating some downright horrible stuff, such as hot dogs for example. This is kind of like seeing who can smoke the most cigarettes in one sitting. We think being a World Broccoli Eating Champion is more admirable. Not only is broccoli obviously more healthy, but it's more fibrous so a high volume down would be way more of a feat!

Believe in Broccoli

There's not much to say about Believe in Broccoli other than the fact that it's super cute. With all of its antioxidants and phytonutrients, there is sure a lot to believe in, but I'd rather spend less time believing and more time eating.

Super Broccoli

When it comes to food, broccoli truly is super. It's a versatile ingredient that fits into almost any style of cuisine whether it be Asian, European, American, etc. It's also a super-food as we mentioned earlier, but obviously isn't as trendy as some of the stuff that one of those TV doctors might try to sell you. Anyway, we just love Super Broccoli.

Our Favorite Broccoli Hoodies & Sweatshirts

All Over Broccoli Print Hoodie

What's better than a hoodie with broccoli printed on literally every single inch of it? Well, perhaps a huge bowl of broccoli that was perfectly seasoned, cooked, and ready to eat. That's not the point of this post those is it? We thought this sweatshirt was bright, fun, awesome, and perfect for the most serious broccoli lover.

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