Our Favorite Avocado Shirts, Hoodies, and Socks!

Avocado Shirts

Let's face it, avocados are delicious. These tasty and nutritious fruits are quickly taking the place of animal fats in common recipes - even on toast! As a matter of fact, avocado shirts are taking the internet by storm so we went ahead and selected out favorite tees, tank tops, hoodies, and other merchandise that celebrates these deliciously fatty fruits.

Who doesn't love avocado on toast? If you haven't tried it you don't know what you're missing. A little sea salt, ground pepper, and turmeric and you've got the perfect meal for any time of the day. Give it a try and you'll see why anyone would go out of their way to make an avocado toast tee!

Peace Love and Avocados Tee

What a wonderful world it would be if it was all Peace, Love, and Avocados. Well, we can dream and hope for the possibility that one day there will be no conflict, all love, and avocados for all!


How cute, a cat and an avocado! If you love both of these things, how can yoou go wrong?

Avocado Cartoon Shirt

This cartoon avocado tee displays just how you feel when you open a perfectly ripe avocado. 

Avocado In the Pocket

It's always good to have an extra one for the road! I don't know about you, but I've always got one in my pocket.

Let's Avocuddle!

This cartoon avocado tee displays just how you feel when you open a perfectly ripe avocado. 

Yes, I Know Guac is Extra!

For anyone who's ever gone to Chipotle you know that they always remind you that getting that scoop of delicious guacamole is going to be extra. However, we have a tip for you - order a 100% veggie burrito or bowl (without sofritas or meat of course - get extra beans). The guac is totally free!

Guac This Way!

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Everyone knows that famous Aerosmith Song. Well, who would have thought that there would be a shirt inspired by it with an avocado? Strange and amazing times we live in!

Nature's Butter

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Like we mentioned before, put it on toast and the avocado is truly Nature's Butter. Blissfully creamy, nutty, and delicious!

Avocado Hoodies & Sweatshirts

If you're looking to rock avocado gear in the winter as well as the warm weather, we've got you covered! We selected some of the coolest and funniest avocado hoodies perfect for any die hard fan. Let us know which one is your favorite!


Going for a run in the winter or fall? This hoodie is perfect to show people just what's fueling you during the cold winter months.

Drippy-Avocado Cartoon Sweater

Not sure what to say about this one other than it looks weirdly delicious...

Ahhhhvocado Hoodie

The way those stick figures are holding it up, it's almost like the avocado is holy or something. Oh wait, it actually is!

Avocado Tank Tops

If you're headed to the gym, or its just brutally hot outside, these avocado tank tops are going to be perfect. We've picked out some unisex and some for men and ladies so everyone can rock avocados and show off their guns!

Avocado "Chest" Tank Top

Be careful with this one ladies! It might garner some extra attention and even mouths dropping in shock at the gym!

Powered by Avocado

Darn right you're powered by avocado. With all of the energy and nutrients that they pack, it's sure to keep you going through even the most grueling of workouts.

Avocado, Avocado, Avocado, Avocado...

Well, there is such a thing as too many, but I still haven't reached it when it comes to avocados...

Parents and Baby Pit Avocado Tank

If you don't think that this is the cutest piece of avocado apparel that we've shown so far then I just don't know what to say! It's a baby pit and its parents playing that "weeeee" game.

Peace Love and Avocados #2

Another version of the Peace Love and Avocados design, but this time as a tank top.

Avocado Socks

I'm not going to lie, wearing socks with avocados on them is real dedication. I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that, but still! If you're looking to keep your feet warm and fuzzy in style, check out some of the socks below, but maybe only wear them on casual Fridays.

Actually, who am I to tell you how much to love your favorite fruit? Wear them all the time!

So what were your faves? 

If you didn't notice we have a comment section below - please let us know which ones you liked!​

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