Our Top Picks of the Best Vegan Shirts, Sweaters and Other Apparel!

​For us vegans, living in a meat-eater's world can be difficult. When seeing other people eating animals (which most of us consider to be extremely cruel and harmful) the urge to make a statement is almost always present.

Sometimes clothing is the best way to make a statement about veganism. A funny or cool vegan t-shirt or any piece of apparel can make for a great conversion piece ​which can get people talking about animal rights without you having to even bring it up!

We've hand selected the coolest shirts, hoodies, and other apparel which is bound to get the conversion started.​

Vegan T-Shirts

Perfect for all seasons, we've selected a combination of funny and statement making vegan tees that are sure to start a conversation. We especially like the Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk shirt since most people don't fully grasp that the milk they drink is meant for a baby calf! The Vegan for Everything graphic tee is a great conversion piece as well given that people not involved in veganism fully understand the scope of the many reasons why people do it (it's not only about health which many assume). Finally, let's not forget Keep Calm Plants Have Protein, perfectly appropriate when people ask that all so common question: "Where Do You Get Your Protein From, Bro?"

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Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk

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Keep Calm - Plants Have Protein

Peace, Love, Veggies

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Vegan Tank Tops and Workout Shirts

When the weather starts getting a bit warmer, vegan tank tops are always going to be the better option. Just like for the t-shirts, we've gone ahead and selected tanks that are both humorous and statement making - perfect to spark a conversation about veganism or just to look great in. Runs on Veggies or Powered by Plants are perfect for showing people just how you get through those grueling workouts on the track or at the gym.

Eat Your Veggies, B**ch

Powered by Plants

Vegan Hoodies

When winter time rolls around, it's always a good idea to have a hoodie ready to go. In fact, I often times look forward to winter just so that I have an excuse to put a hood on and block out the rest of the world (just kidding). Anyway, if you're the sweater type, these vegan themed hoodies are definitely worth checking out.

Our favorite one of this lot is Don't Ask Me Why I'm a Vegan​, Ask Yourself Why You're Not because it makes such a powerful statement. If someone truly takes the time to ponder it, there's no doubt that they will be likely running into some moral conflicts.

Let's also not forget the All Lives Matter shirt​. With so much emphasis put on human lives and tensions among ourselves, let us not forget the innocent beings that get the short end of the stick day in and day out.

Don't Ask Me Why I'm a Vegan...

Happy Cow, Chicken, and Pig

All Lives Matter

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Funny Vegan Shirts

For whatever reason, sometimes people think that vegans don't have a sense of humor. Maybe because we're constantly dropping truth bombs that disrupt people's day to day activities, but oh well. We've selected these shirts to show people that this is simply not the case. The I Don't Eat Anything That Poops as well as the Vegan AF shirt is sure to get people talking no matter where you go.

Happy Cow, Chicken, and Pig

I Don't Eat Anything That Poops

No One Knows I'm Vegan

Have a design that you think should be on this list? Please let us know in the comment section what your favorite vegan shirt is and if there's anything you want us to add. 

Fruit and Veggie Themed Shirts

Sometimes showing how much you love fruits and vegetables can be enough to spark a conversation about veganism. After all, if people can wear shirts about bacon (ugh), there's no reason why fruits and vegetables shouldn't be celebrated.

the best of avocado shirts
best of tofu shirts
broccoli shirts

Also, if you are looking for conversation provoking veggie or fruit specific themed designs, we're working on more articles for our top picks for, broccoli shirts, tofu shirts, and more!