11 Best Onion Slicer Dicers 2018 (#2 Is Odd But Effective)

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We'll cover:

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  • What are these products good for and what are their limitations.
  • The pros and cons of each selected product.

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best onion slicer dicers 2018

Best Onion Slicer Dicers

In case you're in a hurry, here are our top picks for the Best Onion Slicers Dicers for 2018...

  1. Vidalia Pro Vegetable Chopper by Mueller – Kind of like a standard vegetable chopper, but designed with onions in mind. The push-down mechanism and stainless steel blades cut an onion right into a container which keeps the harsh vapors out of the air around you. It can also be used for tons of other vegetables and fruits.
  2. Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper – Awesome all-in-one onion chopper and slicer which doubles as a manual food processor. By using the easy to spin crank or the mandoline attachments you can have your onions prepped neatly in a nice container within seconds.
  3. Oxo Good Grips Complete Slicing and Grating Kit – This is very much like a standard mandoline slicer with catch container at the bottom. This makes it great for onions because the vapors are contained. You can also use any of the stainless steel blades to handle a variety of vegetables and fruits.
  4. Brieftons Quick Pull Food Chopper – This is a lightweight “mower style” manual food processor that makes quick work of onions.
  5. Mueller V-Pro 5-Blade Mandoline Slicer – A high-quality mandolin slicer that makes quick work of onions. Does a great job on pretty much any fruits and veggies you can think of.
  6. Bellemain Dicer, Chopper, and Slicer – Another way to chop your onions that keeps the vapors contained. Simply push them down into the storage container and enjoy.
  7. Culinerro Onion and Potato Holder for Slicing – This is a nice way to help you cut your onions evenly. Note that a knife is required.
  8. Ninja Express Chop (NJ110GR) – This is a mini Ninja food processor. Has a push down method and multiple blades to chop up onions in seconds.
  9. Vremi One Piece Fruit and Vegetable Food Chopper – Think Slap Chop. You put the onions on a cutting board and smash the plunger. The more you push down the more it chops.
  10. Vidalia Chop Wizard – Another easy to use push-into container option. Has multiple cut size options depending on how you like your onions.
  11. Protector Silex Food Chopper – Another mini food processor that’s simple and effective. 

Why Are Onion Choppers, Slicers, or Dicers so Great?

Onions have been a prized culinary ingredient since the time of the Pharaohs. Every chef worth their salt has used this ubiquitous ingredient to add punch and pizzazz to his or her culinary creations.

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onion choppers slicers dicers

Onions have been cultivated for their one of a kind flavor since ancient times.

Unless you’re a professional chef, adept in the secret world of knife skills, it probably takes you ages to prep just one onion. And let’s face it –there’s nothing fun or glamorous about chopping onions. It’s often the least exciting, most boring part about preparing a meal and yet most savory meals are incomplete without them. Despite being a necessary mealtime component, they make your hands smell, they make you cry and, even more frustratingly, they take ages to get just right.

That’s where onion choppers, slicers, and/or dicers step in. They take all the frustration out of onion prep, allowing you speed through them with ease and efficiency. If precision isn’t your forte and you find yourself spending ages laboring over perfectly diced onions, using an onion chopper means you’ll be able to produce consistently diced and sliced onions in record time.

What Are Their Limitations?

While some of these units can certainly process things besides onions, they often limited in the types of cuts that they can make.

With the use of a knife, you obviously have the capability to cut things to any shape, thickness, or style that you want. By using an onion or vegetable chopper, you're trading precision for convenience and ​function.

If you want to do make the ever popular zoodles or zucchini noodles you're going to need a zoodle maker or spiralizer. For certain fruits such as apples, an apple peeler, corer, slicer is probably the best option.

What Are the Differences Between These Models?

Ever heard the expression “there’s more than one way to skin a carrot?” Well, there’s more than one way to chop an onion. With more and more onion chopping gadgets hitting the marketplace, it can be hard to know what model to go for.

Before deciding on what onion chopper you’d like you must first identify what you’d like your onion chopper to do. Do you want finely diced onions to add to tacos, curries, stews and casseroles?

Or are you looking for onions chopped into perfectly formed moons and half-moons?

Maybe you’re looking for something that can do both.

Once you’ve figured out what you’d like your onion chopper to do, then choosing one is easy.

onion dicers mexican food

Onion choppers also allow you to dice tomatoes into small pieces, making them a great ally in whipping up salsas.

Some onion choppers come with built-in containers, which catch the onion while you work. This eliminates onion vapors, meaning you don’t ever have to worry about onion-related tears again.

Other onion prep tools and are comprised of a sharp comb-shaped gizmo that allows you to dice the onion into uniform pieces. These aren't really onion choppers themselves, but holders which allow you to make perfectly uniformed onion slices. Great for topping sandwiches or making onion rangs.

There are even some onion choppers that have multiple blades allowing you to create onion rings and half rings as well as slicing them up into small pieces.

Whichever model you decide to go for, they reduce your prep time, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love. Onion choppers are also small and compact, meaning they won’t take up much room in your cabinets. They are all low-cost items that make a great addition to any kitchen.

The Best Onion Choppers, Cutters, and Dicers Reviewed

Here are the top 10 tools we found to help you gracefully prepare your onions...

Vidalia Pro Vegetable Chopper by Mueller

Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper by Mueller - Strongest - NO MORE TEARS 30% Heavier Duty Multi Vegetable-Fruit-Cheese-Onion Chopper-Dicer-Kitchen Cutter

This German engineered onion chopper is compact yet heavy duty and is made from reinforced BPA free plastic that is durable and dishwasher safe. The little storage tray at the bottom reduces onion vapors so if you are sensitive to the smell of onions, then you may wish to consider an option like the Mueller onion chopper.

The Mueller onion chopper is a good option for people prepping large volumes of food because it comes with a 4-cup container at the bottom. It also comes with two high quality blades that can dice even the toughest veggies. It also handles soft food like tomatoes with no problems so if you need diced tomatoes for tacos and salsas, then this is a good option to go for.

This onion chopper also comes with a purpose built cleaning brush, which allows you to get rid of food debris from the blades before sticking it in the dishwasher. If you are looking for efficiency and reliability, this onion chopper comes with a lifetime warranty, which is fantastic value given the price.

The company even offers telephone support should you have issues with our unit!​


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Made with BPA-free plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Storage tray reduces onion vapors
  • Comes with a custom built cleaning brush
  • Sleek and compact


  • Can't fully customize the thickness of your onions.
  • You're limited to rough chopping/dicing.

Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper

Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper – 7 in 1 Chopper, Mixer, Blender, Whipper, Slicer, Shredder and Juicer

The Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper literally does everything. Whether you want to grate onions, slice them, mince them - heck even juice them (we're kidding - save the juicing for lemons).

This handy little slicer dicer comes with three mandoline inserts, a juicer top, chopping blades, and more.

When it comes to onions though, you're probably going​ to want to use one of the three slicers or the chopper blade.

To do a rough chop on onions, or make a salsa, you're going to want to use it like a manual food processor.

Once you set up the blades, you simply put the onion into it and turn the crank to start the blades. Within seconds you'll have an onion that's roughly chopped.

Say you want to slice or grate, you simply attach the alternative top onto the unit and use it like a mandoline slicer. The onions or other vegetables will fall into the container, keeping the smell and the crying to a minimum.​


  • Functions as a manual food processor, mandoline slicer, and juicer all in one.
  • Can also work to make batters with the whipping blade.
  • Onion vapors or garlic smells will be kept to a minimum as they will be caught in the container.
  • Bowl is 5-cups meaning it has a rather large capacity.
  • Extremely high value.


  • You have to do a bit of prep work before using it.
  • Container doesn't have any measuring marks on it.

Oxo Good Grips Complete Slicing and Grating Kit

OXO Good Grips Complete Grate & Slice Set

The great thing about the OXO good grips slicing and grating kit is that it has a set of steel blades for almost anything you could want to do. Whether you're grating ginger or slicing onions, you can expect high quality blades when you're going with an OXO.

Included with the product you get the following four blade sets: one medium grater, one course grater, one regular slicer, and one julienne slicer​.

The entire unit functions similar to a mandoline slicer in that you slide the vegetable across the top.

However, unlike a normal mandoline, the cut or grated onions will fall into the container at the bottom. With measuring marks included in the container, you'll be able to assess how much more you need to cut. You'll also reduce the onion vapors by keeping them contained.

When you're done, everything fits away together in a neat arrangement with all four blades stacked away for safe storage.


  • Comes with four different stainless steel blade sets.
  • Functions like an upgraded mandoline slicer because it catches the final product in the container.
  • Includes dishwasher safe parts.
  • Measuring marks included in the container makes it easy to figure out how much more or less you need to cut.


  • If you're not careful with this kind of slicer, it might be easy to cut your fingers.

Brieftons Quick Pull Food Chopper

Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper: Large 4-Cup Powerful Manual Hand Held Chopper / Mincer / Mixer / Blender to Chop Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Herbs, Onions for Salsa, Salad, Pesto, Coleslaw, Puree

The Brieftons Quick Pull Food chopper is great for onions. It's designed to function like a food processor, except without the bulky motor.

You're going to have to do a rough pre-chop on the onions first, but once you do, you're on easy street.

Simply attach the blade, load the roughly pre-cut onions into the container​, and pull the string! Within seconds your onions will be diced inside the container. 

Because a majority of the dicing/chopping was done in the 4-cup bowl, the amount of vapors released from the onions is greatly reduced.

It's great for almost any chopping task you can think of: spreads, dips, garlic, herbs, etc.

The bowl is top rack dishwasher safe which means that cleanup is quick, easy, and painless.​


  • Food processor power without a heavy and bulky motor.
  • The container is top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Can be used for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Can be used without electricity - perfect for RV living.


  • May have to pre-slice the onions a bit before loading them in.
  • Can only do one style - rough chop.

Mueller V-Pro 5-Blade Mandoline Slicer

Mueller Austria V-Pro 5 Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer – White/Grey

This list wouldn't be complete without having one high-quality mandoline slicer on it. Second to using a knife, a mandoline slicer is a go-to gadget for anyone savvy in the kitchen.


​A mandoline slicer can make uniform onion slices quickly and effectively. All you need to do is peel the onion, attach it to the holder (for safety) and slide it across the blades. 

Not only is it great at slicing, but you can also do grates and julienne cuts as well. It's hard to think of any fruit or vegetable that wouldn't function well in this mandoline slicer.

The only downside to a mandoline slicer is that once you get down to the bottom of whatever you're prepping, it can be hard to continually slide it across the blades. It's especially recommended that you use the holder at this point and throughout the entire process, because its quite easy to cut your fingers.​


  • German engineered stainless steel blades make quick work of most fruits and vegetables.
  • Can do a wide variety of cuts as well as grating.
  • Can do a whole bunch of uniform slices quickly and easily.
  • A great tool to have when preparing onions for a large crowd.


  • Can be hard to process fruits or veggies once they get down to the end.
  • No container to catch the onions thus no vapor reduction.
  • Can be easy to cut your fingers if not used properly

Bellemain Dicer, Chopper, and Slicer 

Vegetable Dicer, Vidalia Chopper, & Slicer Includes Interchangeable Inserts for 1/4' Dice, 1/2' Dice & 1/4' Julienne, Catchment/Storage Container , Storage Lid and Cleaning Brushes

The German stainless steel blades of the Bellemain onion chopper are durable and rust-proof and have been built to an extremely high standard. As far as chopping an onion is concerned, the Bellemain Onion Chopper is first rate and even slices through tough veggies like potatoes - similar to these sweet potato cutters. This onion chopper is also good to use on odd-shaped veggies like portabella mushrooms and olives.

All three blades come with locking mechanisms rather than snapping into place, making this onion chopper safe and reliable to use. Each blade carries out a different chopping function: one can be used to julienne your veggies, another can be used to slice and the third one is for dicing food into small cubes. It even comes with a small cleaning brush to get rid of food debris and all parts of the device are dishwasher safe.

There is a nifty little tray at the bottom of the onion chopper made from BPA free plastic that catches and stores your onions after they have been diced, sliced or julienned. The tray reduces onion vapors so you don’t have to worry about “onion tears” while you are prepping your food.

This is a small yet sturdy onion chopper and it stores easily, which is great if you are tight on space. An added bonus is that it also comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Comes with two-year warranty.
  • Also good for odd-shaped veggies like mushrooms.
  • Comes with three sharp blades.
  • Storage tray reduces onion vapors.
  • Comes with a custom built cleaning brush.
  • Compact and easy to store.


  • Can't fully customize the thickness of your onions

Culinerro Onion and Potato Holder for Slicing

Culinerro – The Best Onion Holder for Slicing All-In-One | Potato holder | Odor Remover | Vegetable Slicer | Onion Chopper Stainless Steel

The Culinerro Onion Holder is a nifty little gizmo that can help you slice your onions into uniformed perfection. Although it may not look like much, this onion holder is extremely well built, allowing you to firmly grip the handle and dice onions without the risk of slippage. The tines are very sharp and have been built to an extremely high standard.

This onion holder for chopping is also strong enough to glide through tougher vegetables like potatoes and carrots so you are not just limited to chopping onions. It also gets through softer fruits and veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers.

The handle has also been made with lefties in mind and is just as comfortable to use if you are left-handed. The Culinerro Onion holder is also a great choice for people with limited kitchen space as it can be stored in a cabinet along with your knives and forks.

If you’re looking to have complete control over the thickness of your onions, the design of the Culinerro onion chopper is ideal because it allows you to alter the thickness as you see fit. 

It's also designed to keep the onion smell off your hands, which is a huge plus.​


  • Allows you to choose the thickness of your onion
  • Sturdy handle.
  • Sharp tines.
  • ​Can also slice other veggies.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • Chops onions neatly and uniformly.
  • Keeps onion smell off of your hands.


  • Doesn't reduce onion vapors.
  • Doesn't have a wide variety of uses.

Ninja Express Chop (NJ110GR)

Ninja Express Chop Food Chopper, Grey (NJ110GR)

When it comes to making chopping onions effortless, nothing is better than the Ninja Express Chop. It functions kind of like a small food processor, but is designer in a way which puts it ahead of the curve.

Most food processors are a bit clunky with many pieces that are hard to keep track of. The Ninja is compact, simply, and has few parts, which we think make it perfect for chopping onions.

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The Express Chop is perfect for other foods as well including herbs, nuts, spices, and more.

It's also perfect for making quick salsas, dips and spreads, and even some light smoothies.​


  • Easy and convenient with very little effort required on the user.
  • Very few parts which store nicely and are easy to keep track of.
  • Can chop a wide variety of ingredients with it and can even function as a light blender.
  • Comes with a storage lid so you can save your chopped foods for later.


  • Is probably too small for doing large amounts of prep work.
  • Requires a power outlet to work.

Vremi One Piece Fruit and Vegetable Food Chopper

Vremi Food Chopper One Piece Salad Vegetable Chopper and Slicer Dicer Manual Mini Hand Chopper Onion Garlic Mincer with Cover for Vegetables Stainless Steel Cutter Blade Black

If you need something quick and convenient, the Vremi chopper is a solid go to.

There's virtually no set up required. Simply cut an onion in half or quarters, position it inside the chopper, and repeatedly press on the plunger.​ You'll end up with a roughly chopped or diced onion thanks to the zig zag stainless steel blades.

​The unique function on the OXO chopper is that the food stays contained inside of it. The bottom piece is actually a cap that you can place on the counter. As you chop, everything remains inside the tube like vessel which doubles to keep onion vapors at bay.

No cutting board required.


  • No set up required, simply take the device out and start dicing your onions!
  • Unique vessel keeps onion vapors at bay while you're chopping. 
  • The container also prevents a mess.
  • Plunger is easy to use and fun to slap!


  • Not great for prepping a large amount of onions at one time.
  • Lacks of the precision of some of more high end slicer dicers.

Vidalia Chop Wizard

Vidalia Chop Wizard

If there was one tool that was specifically made for dicing onions, it's the Vidalia Chop Wizard.

It comes with two different sized blades and is even designed to handle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, both soft and hard.

Whether you're doing a rough dice on some carrots and onions or want to cube some potatoes for a soup, you can do it with this unit.

It comes with a handy cleaning tool which helps get out an extra debris stuck in the blades. Using the tool along with a quick rinse will have it cleaned and ready to go in no time.

The container also has a measuring cup built right into it. That way if you're following an exact recipe you can assess how many more onions you need to cut.


  • Included measuring cup helps with following recipes.
  • Comes with two sets of blades.
  • Can handle a variety of different vegetables and fruits.
  • Cleaning tool makes it simple to get excess debris out of the blades.


  • You'll have to do a little bit of cutting for some items before loading them into the cutter.

Protector Silex Food Chopper

Proctor Silex 72500RY 1-1/2-Cup Food Chopper

While a regular sized food processor might be a bit large for everyday onion cutting, the Protector Silex is the perfect size.

Its small enough to take out on a whim and easy to store when you're not using it.

This is the third food processor on the list, although this one you actually need to plug in, unlike the Briefton's manual food chopper.​

Although we'd probably recommend the Briefton's at the end of the day, this is a great alternative if you want less manual work. You'll still need to pre-cut the onions unless they are tiny ones, but you won't have to pull a string to turn the blades.


  • Can make quick work of an onion with very little manual work.
  • Also great for chopping other things like herbs, nuts, garlic, etc.
  • Easy to store and quickly set up.


  • Requires an electrical outlet to use.
  • Can't make any customized or precised cuts and slices.
  • Not big enough for large amounts of prep work.

Final Word on Onion Slicer Dicers

All of the onion choppers on this list are great at dicing onions and were chosen for being a cut above other similar products on the market. Some can even be used to chop up tomatoes and other veggies for tacos, stir fries and salsas. 

Out of all of the onion slicers, cutters, dicers, and holders on the list, the Mueller onion chopper came out on top thanks to the lifetime warranty, multiple blades and vapor-reducing storage cup.

With those attributes, we believe it is the best tool on the market for preparing onions.

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