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Best Spiralizer Reviews (aka Zoodle Makers) of 2017

If you're a fan of kitchen appliances, you've probably seen them – on the shelves of your local shop or in the hallowed digital halls of online marketplaces. Spiralizers are great tools for turning your favorite fruits and vegetables into “noodles” - long, thin spirals of pure produce goodness. An ideal tool for vegetarians, vegans, or health enthusiasts, spiralizers can help you get more vegetables into your diet, using them as a substitute for pasta or adding more versatility to salads and other produce-based dishes.

It's also a wonderful tool for those with celiac disease who might want a consumable alternative to pasta. No matter what sort of diet you eat, getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet has a huge array of health benefits, from weight maintenance and weight loss to reduced risk of heart disease and better digestion. Additionally, a spiralizer can also take a lot of the work out of chopping vegetables and fruit for a meal or a snack – saving you time and energy.

Read on to learn our top 10 picks for the best spiralizer of 2017 with our top 5 picks featured in the chart below.

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Many spiralizers are adaptable to other purposes, including juicing, grating, peeling or slicing – making them indispensable tools for creating a myriad of healthy and creative meal and snack options. Whether you use them in your kitchen for curly fries, spiraled apples atop oatmeal for breakfast, or on your next road trip for a delicious vegetable soup on the campfire the spiralizer is the tool of choice.

What to Look for in a Spiralizer

Since there are a lot of spiralizers on the market today, the amount of choices available online can be completely overwhelming. Therefore, when choosing one, it is important to think about what you'll be using it for. Do you have one staple recipe that you're planning on sticking with using one type of vegetable or are you planning on branching out your horizons? This is going to play a part in the type of unit you're going to want to pick. Larger and sturdier units that have a crank tend to be the better bet if you're going to be using more varieties of vegetables just to reduce the amount of variability. However, if you're planning on sticking with something like carrots or zucchini, a hand-held spiralizer may the best option for you.

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Another factor you may want to consider is the number of blades. Although some units may have interchangeable blades, usually the one piece units only offer a fixed amount of options when it comes to the slices you want to make.​ If you're looking to create ribbon-like spirals, you may not have this option with some of the lower tier spiralizers on the market. Obviously price is going to be a factor, but these units tend to not be as expensive as some of the bigger purchase kitchen appliances like a blender or a new stove. Therefore, it may be worth splurging to get the unit that you want the most that you know is going to last you a long time.

What to Look for in a Spiralizer

This spiral slicer features a single-block two-blade slicer, and creates a variety of different spiral sizes - spirals or ribbons. It's dishwasher safe, and small enough to store in a cabinet when not in use. It also comes packaged in a box (unlike some of the other choices) making it an ideal gift for a health-conscious relative. The Joyce Chen may be prone to staining from (dark vegetables due to its white exterior and container)and fruits like beets and raspberries, but this doesn't effect its long-term usage. This brand is marketed towards those that want to make Asian-cuisine, but it can really be used for anything. It may be a bit less convenient than a hand-held unit, but could be the perfect choice if you're looking to make ribbons out of things like apples, cucumbers or beets.

This is one of the types of hand-held units that we mentioned. Although not very versatile, this unit might be a good option if you have very limited storage space or just want the convenience of whipping out one type of spiralizer with no setup required. As of the least low-end spiralizers on the market, this compact slicer is well-suited to lengthy vegetables like carrot, cucumbers and squash. Great for road trips, it's quick and easy to use – and easy on the wallet. There are also many units on the market just like it so if you shop around you may be able to find something very similar and save a few bucks.

It comes with a cap meant to insert the remainder of the vegetable when the user gets close to the edge. In theory this is a nice feature, but in our experience, it doesn't actually function that well. Although it comes with a cleaning brush, it can still be kind of difficult to get entirely clean, but this isn't unusual for these types of products. They have a lot of small spaces and cleaning can be detail oriented.

Because it's only adapted to long vegetables and fruits, the Kitchen Active isn't the most versatile option when compared with its fellows. However, if you only occasionally spiralize produce and want a lower end option, the Kitchen Active is a great bet.

​As our number one pick for best spiralizer of 2017, this machine has all the bells and whistles you could need to make any types of spirals, ribbons, or curly cuts that you can imagine. BPA-free, this countertop spiral slicer creates beautiful spirals in seconds from either fruit or vegetables. It also doesn't use electricity, saving you energy costs while not posing as any sort of electrical hazard – and it's dishwasher-safe, though it's just as easy to clean it by hand. This spiralizer has a lot of social proof backing it and they boast being recognized by big names such as Food and Wine and Oprah Magazine.

The Paderno is impact-resistant and built for long years of use, making it one of the best values on the market. Its three-blade system can be adapted for noodles of various sizes, from angel hair-thin to curly fries-thick. Each blade has a specific function and a different name. This includes the shredder blade, chipper blade, and straight blade. Respectively, these blades create thin strands, thick strands, and ribbon-style strands. For extra sturdiness, the unit comes standard with suction cup feet so that it doesn't shift around on your counter. Given all these features, it should still be affordable for the average household, especially when you consider the long-term health benefits that come with consuming more vegetables. 

This spiral cutter would be considered the mid to high-end of all the units on the market. The Spiralfix comes with a lid for its catch container, so anything you don't use can be plunked right into the fridge when you're through. What's more, this tidy black and clear  spiralizer allows you to fully customize the size of your noodles with four different size options. The Spiralfix can be hand-cleaned or put in your dishwasher. If you have room for another appliance on your counter or in your cupboard, this spiralizer is an excellent option.

Although this unit likes to pride itself on being the top-tier in the market-place, it may not be worth all the fuss.​ Generally speaking, it will do the same job as the Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Slicer. Some users may even have considerable more difficulty using it because of the way it is designed. While other units are hand-held or suctioned to the counter, this unit is kind of a hybrid, and thus some users have complained about slippage and things of that nature. Although the holding container claims to be non-slip, it's simply not made to be as sturdy as four suction cups positioned appropriately like some of the other counter-top models.

The good news is is that the holding container can come off and veggies can be spiraled right onto a dish. While this may be a convenient feature, it kind of just makes it more of a glorified hand-held unit.​

Also known as the "As Seen on TV Brand" of spiral slicers, the Veggetti has become quite popular both online and in retail stores. The Veggetti is compact enough to fit inside a cupboard or a drawer, dishwasher-safe, and features a suction nonslip base. It also allows you to spiralize three different styles and sizes of noodles, making it one of the more versatile spiralizers on the market. It features a three-blade spiral slicer that works well with tougher vegetables, like potatoes and zucchini. Like most spiralizers, it also doesn't require any electricity or battery power to run. Much like the Paderno, it also has the suction cup feet making it sturdy on the counter.

As in interesting engineering function, it also has a "drawer" on the side of the unit by which a user can store the blades for the different styles that they want to make. If it were between this unit and the Paderno, it would be quite hard to decide. However, given that the Paderno may use higher quality materials (The Veggetti doesn't seem to have their materials listed online while the Paderno boasts about them). It is also difficult to find information on Veggetti's warranty, furthering the case that the Paderno would be the best long term option.  Please be sure to comment if you can locate the warranty.

Conclusion: Vegetable Spiral Slicers Rule!

Vegetable spiral slicers are fantastic appliances to have at home to make your day to day cooking more interesting, not to mention healthier – and if you've got a family, they can create many ways to encourage kids to eat more vegetables and fruit. Spiralizers can help you adapt your favorite recipes to get more plant foods and micronutrients, and phytochemicals without the excess calories.– for yourself as well as for your guests, friends, and family.

Whether you use your spiralizer for meals, creating healthy snacks on the go, or accentuating a dish you've already made, a spiralizer is a good investment for making quick and beautiful dishes – at home or on the road. If you don't own a spiralizer already, it's worthy of your consideration – using a spiralizer regularly to creatively introduce more produce into your diet will help move you further down the road to a healthier self.

Still Can't Decide on a Spiral Slicer or Looking for More Ways to Prep Fruits and Veggies?

If you've read our top 5 picks and still can't decide on what unit is right for you, don't worry we've got you covered. We're working on more in-depth reviews on specific items as well as functionality-based reviews. 

​If you're also looking for quicker ways to prepare fruits and vegetables, we've done reviews for a wide variety of products that can drastically reduce your time in the kitchen. You might just find a hidden gem that will revolutionize the way you cook and prep!

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