Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

Rice is an indispensable part of Asian cuisine and has become a chief staple food the world over. Rice is cheap, filling and makes a great accompaniment to almost any meal. Using rice cookers is a foolproof way to cook restaurant quality rice, freeing up your time to get on with other tasks. Being a Korean brand - a culture where rice is a major staple - Cuckoo models are a great choice if you're looking for something in the top tier of rice machines.

Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker CR-0631F (Pink)

Build Quality











  • Versatile 
  • High quality design and build
  • Reliable
  • Doubles up as a pressure cooker
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive

Our Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review: Key Features

Cuckoo is one of the leading names in rice cookers and we’ve picked one of its best selling models to see how it stacks up against other similar devices.

Cuckoo is a Korean company that manufactures state of the art rice cookers that tend to gelatinize rice more than their Japanese and Chinese counterparts. While this may be an appealing prospect for some people, it may not be for others. It all depends on the final texture you're looking for in your meals. In addition, the type of rice you use is also going to depend on the final product and how much it gelatinizes. The longer grain of rice tends to equate to less gelatinization.

cooked rice in cuckoo rice maker

Rice is a delicious addition to any meal and can be enjoyed hot or cold with any type of cuisine.

Cuckoo rice cookers tend to be a little more expensive than your average rice cooker but are a well-trusted brand thanks to their sturdy build and unusual yet attractive designs. They are top sellers in Korea, a nation whose cuisine centers around gelatinized rice that has been prepared in a rice cooker (usually a Cuckoo model).

Design and Build Quality

This Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker is one of its best sellers thanks to its relatively low cost (compared with other Cuckoo models). It comes in a unique light pink color, making it more attractive than your average rice cooker. Although “good looks” play no part in the reliability of this rice cooker, its appearance makes it a good option for people who are low on cabinet space and need to keep their machines on their counter tops (or for those of you who consider aesthetic appeal an important component in their kitchen equipment).

Besides a pink facade, this device also features a Teflon-coated inner pot and turbo cooking functions. It can also cook GABA rice and brown rice and has a wide LCD screen that allows you to easily see what you are doing. This model also features a slow cooking function and doubles up as a pressure cooker making it ideal for one-pot meals, soups and stews.

If you like your rice cookers to feature fuzzy logic, this model boasts a state of the art fuzzy logic component that acts like a “personal chef” and cooks fluffy, restaurant-quality rice every time.

Its six different cooking settings allow you to cook white and brown rice as well as other grains so if you’re looking for a device that is versatile you could do a lot worse than this one.

This model cooks up to 6 cups of rice making it a good option for smaller households. It also comes with a one-year warranty so if you decide to buy it you can rest assured that you are getting a model that is excellent value for money.

Overall this is an excellent, high-quality rice cooker and it’s easy to see why it remains one of Cuckoo’s best selling models. It is sturdy, robust and reliable and the fact that it’s easy on the eye is just an added bonus.

One of the only downsides of this device is that it does not come with a steaming tray like many other rice cookers so this is not a good model to go for if you are looking for something that also steams veggies. That being said, this makes excellent quality sushi rice that sticks together with no problems and doubles up as a slow cooker allowing you to make beans, stews, soups and other one-pot meals.

Cleaning This Model

One of the best components of this machine is that it is very easy to clean. The inner Teflon lid comes off for easy cleaning. The combination of fuzzy logic and the extended keep warm function (which lasts up to 24 hours) means that you don’t have to worry about rice burning and sticking to the bottom of the pot, which speeds up the cleaning process. If you've ever had rice that got stuck because you left it on the heat so long, you'll know that it can be super annoying to get off and potentially damaging to the unit.

It is also dishwasher safe, which is an added bonus and makes clean ups a breeze. Although the lid is detachable it is not dishwasher safe although it is easily cleaned in a kitchen sink with some warm, soapy water.


​This unit comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty which is pretty typical for similar units in the market at this price range.

Cuckoo is one of the leading rice cooker brands in Korea, a country that owes much of its culinary legacy to rice. In short –rice is a big deal there and the fact that this brand is so trusted and reputable speaks volumes about how reliable it is.

As far as the reliability of this particular model goes, you can buy it and be sure that you’ll be spending your cash on a rice cooker that is sturdy, reliable and delivers on all technical and culinary fronts.

How Does it Compare?

This is the perfect rice cooker for households with a lot of mouths to feed or for people who want to batch cook their rice for the week.

This is an extremely robust, well-made machine that is worth every penny and comes with a one-year warranty.

It comes with an aluminum inner pot and detachable stainless steel cover that are both easy to clean. It even features an auto steam-cleaning feature that facilitates the cleaning process even further. With one push of a button, you can do the majority of your cleaning using the steam cleaner and then wash up any remaining residue by hand.

The high-tech 3D warming system means that you can keep your rice warm without it burning and sticking to the bottom of the pot. There is also a pressure cooking device, which allows you to control how much pressure you want to use when making stews, soups and other one-pot, beans and slow-cooked meals.

The lock checking device is an added safety feature that stops water from splattering onto the kitchen counter, which is one of the most common complaints people have with cheaper rice cookers.

This machine also boasts 11 cooking settings and 14 safety features. It uses fuzzy logic and has an automatic keep warm function that can keep rice warm for up to 24 hours. Besides brown, white and sushi rice, it also cooks oats and other grains. It even comes with English, Korean and Chinese voice navigation so you can choose whether you want to control it using your fingers or voice.

Like the Cuckoo Electric Heating rice cooker, this model does not come with a steaming tray although both models make excellent pressure cookers. They also make excellent rice and can also be relied on to cook delicious, one-pot meals so choosing between the two really comes down to the amount of rice (or stews/soups etc) that you need to make on a day-to-day basis.

This model comes with slightly more advanced features (like voice navigation) and therefore tends to be more pricey (prices vary*). Identifying what features are most important for you will make the process of choosing which one to go for a lot easier.

Those of you with minimal cooking needs or who are tight on cash could do a lot worse than this sleek, petite model. If you want to buy a Cuckoo rice cooker but are a little weary of the expense, this model is one of Cuckoo’s most budget-friendly options due to its smaller size and cooking capacity.

Despite its size, it still boasts all the same features that make Cuckoo such a reliable brand. It comes with a Teflon coated inner pot that can be easily removed for speedy cleanups and has a turbo cooking function that allows you to quickly cook different varieties of rice and grains with the touch of a button.

It comes with a detachable steam cap/dew dish that traps the steam as your rice cooks and four safety features such as a tight fitting lid that stops hot water and steam from splattering onto your counter.

Like the featured model, it also comes with a detachable inner lid and an auto steam cleaning system, making cleanups easy and hassle free. The inner pot is dishwasher safe to boot.

This machine comes with five cooking settings, unlike the featured model that comes with six. This allows you to easily cook glutinous rice (for sushi), white, brown, Arborio and other grains like quinoa and amaranth. Considering this device tends to be less pricey (prices vary*) than the featured model, this makes it tremendous value for money.

The preset cooking and reheat function make it ideal for busy lives and it comes with a one-year guarantee making it a great model for people on tight budgets and/or with less mouths to feed.

This is a lot bulkier than the featured model and not as aesthetically pleasing although it is as robust and reliable as one might expect from a Cuckoo rice cooker. Like the featured model it does not come with a steaming tray although (as usual) it makes a fantastic pressure cooker.

It comes with a Teflon coated inner pot that detaches for easy cleanups although it does not have a detachable lid, which makes it a bit more of a hassle if you want to give it a really thorough clean.

Despite its bulky size and appearance, this model only cooks up to six cups of rice so it is not ideal if you are tight on space and/or have many mouths to feed. Appearances aside, this is as sturdy, robust and reliable as any Cuckoo rice cooker. Besides being able to cook every variety of rice, it also doubles up as a slow cooker/pressure cooker and can cook beans, stews, soups and one-pot meals.

As with the featured model, there is a keep warm and reheat function as well as turbo cooking that gives you the option to cook your grains quickly. This is an excellent rice cooker and is built to the high quality that is typical of Cuckoo. If you’re looking for a no-frills device, then you could do worse than this model.

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