Can You Microwave Rubbermaid? (The Safety Tips You Need to Know…)

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Can you microwave Rubbermaid

Quick Answer: Yes, you can microwave most Rubbermaid food storage containers. But there are still some things you'll need to take into consideration. We'll give you the facts below.

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What Is Rubbermaid?


Different Types of Rubbermaid Products


How Do You Know If a Rubbermaid Product Is Microwave Safe or Not?

Labels on Rubbermaid Products to Be Aware Of

There should be a label on the bottom of the container that says "microwave safe." If you don't see it there, your Rubbermaid product may not be microwavable after all.

This rule extends to all rubber and glass containers. If you don't see the label, it's often a good idea to assume that they're not microwave-safe. 

The only other way to be sure is to contact the manufacturer. You may also get lucky and find the information right on the website's FAQ page or on the product page.

Bonus Safety Tips

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