Vitamix 7500 Review – We Compare vs. Other Top Tier Blenders

Excellent quality, excellent horsepower, excellent design: the Vitamix 7500 is a machine with many of the best elements of Vitamix’s “top-of-the-range” Professional Series 750, but without some of the more advanced elements. This model is capable of taking on the same tasks as any top-tier blender with beautiful design and great color options (depending where you shop) and usually at a slightly lower price, although prices can vary.

Reviewed Blender: Vitamix 7500

Overall Thrive Cuisine Rating:  4.6

Vitamix 7500 Low-Profile Blender, Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz. Container, Black

Build Quality






Ease of Blending





  • BPA-free 
  • Solid Vitamix Warranty
  • 2.2 peak horsepower motor
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Stainless steel base
  • Pulse function
  • Tamper for easy blending
  • White and Red Color options available (links below)


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Fixed blades can make cleaning harder
  • No pre-programmed settings

Also check out the White and Red Versions.

Our Vitamix 7500 Review: Design and Build Quality

The Vitamix 7500 is one of the top models in the brand’s range, and as a result comes with a swathe of great features.

It comes with a strong 2.2-peak horsepower motor, so it can take on anything you might care to blend – ice, nuts, frozen fruit, seeds – without much of a problem. It’s much more powerful than most of the other home blenders on the market, and this means that it can do just about anything you want it to do without taxing the motor, leading to greater durability. The 7500 also has a new sound-proofing case that reduces the noise of its increased-horsepower motor by 40% on earlier Vitamix models.

The 7500 comes with variable speed control, so you can choose the exact speed of the blades to customize the machine’s use for whatever you want to make. It’s easy to create exactly what you want to create – for creations like nut butters or spreads, having the ability to vary the machine’s exact speed is necessary to create the perfect texture.

And if you do decide to blast it at high speed, the 7500 will keep up: it comes with a built-in fan that will prevent it from overheating, protecting the engine even when run at high speeds. There’s little to no risk that the motor will give out just when you need it most. It has the reliability to keep going and going.

The container is 64 ounces, so bigger than many others on the market, but it benefits from the shape of the later Vitamix models’ containers, which are short and wide enough to fit under the kitchen cabinet, remain easy to clean, and improve the machine’s blending ability.

Finally, one of the features specific to Vitamix products is their tamper, which can be used to prevent blockages from forming during blending and help save time – especially when blending more solid foods such as nut butters or spreads.

Power and Noise

The 7500 comes with Vitamix’s classic easy-to-use interface. It has only three components: a switch to turn it on, a variable 10-speed dial, and a switch that turns it to high-speed mode. Using the machine is as simple as switching it on, turning the dial, and perhaps flicking it into high-speed mode if extra power is needed.

Unlike other later Vitamix models, the 7500 does not come with any pre-programmed settings. This does not necessarily make it more inconvenient to use, but it does somewhat increase the difficulty with which simple tasks can be used – while other models have a dedicated smoothie cycle, allowing you to push a button and go, the 7500 needs to be manually controlled.


Cleaning the 7500 is not difficult, but it is somewhat more difficult than other models. It does not come with a pre-programmed cleaning setting, so instead it must be cleaned manually. Because this container is not dishwasher-safe, the recommended cleaning method is to add detergent and warm water to the container, then turn it on high for a 30 seconds.

Because of the shape of the container, which is shorter and flatter than earlier models of Vitamix and other types of blender, there is a reduced risk of food becoming stuck beneath the blades, which was a reported problem in earlier models. This again improves the ability of the 7500 to be cleaned.


Because of the machine’s excellent build quality, the 7500 comes with a 7-10 year warranty (according to the manufacturer website - but may vary by retailer). It also comes with a built-in cooling fan that prevents the engine from overheating, even with heavy use, which means it is unlikely to die on you when you need it most – like when you’re creating a giant batch of soup for dinner or churning a new batch of nut butter, which can be taxing on lesser machines.

It should be noted that in the manual, Vitamix states that the speeds on this model should be varied over time; keeping it running at a consistent speed for a long amount of time will do damage to the motor, reducing its reliability.

How Does it Compare?

The Blendtec Classic 475 is one of Blendtec’s simplest models, and features the same functionality as the 7500 with reduced design elements.

Surprisingly, the 475 comes with a few elements that the 7500 does not have: a 3-peak horsepower motor and a pre-programmed smoothie cycle making it more powerful.

It does, however, come with only three manual speed settings compared to the 7500’s variable 10-speed dial. It also has reduced design elements – it is slightly less attractive in our opinion, and the container is not as short as the Vitamix’s, so it does not fit as well into small spaces and could potentially be harder to clean.

However, it is still an extremely well designed and solid blender. If it fits your budget, it is a perfectly viable alternative.​

The 5200 is Vitamix’s flagship product, with slightly lower performance, less appealing design, and lower tier than the 7500. Neither product comes with pre-programmed settings, and each features the same interface of two switches and a variable speed dial. The cleaning system for both is the same: adding detergent and water and flicking the machine on high.

Where they differ is in their horsepower – the 7500 has a higher 2.2-peak horsepower – and their design – the 7500 has a more attractive design, a better-shaped container, and a sound-reducing case. Because the 5200 is usually more affordable (price fluctuations occur), it is designed to appeal to families looking for a great product on a budget; the 7500 is more suitable for people who have a little more money to spend (prices vary*), and who appreciate a higher-tier product.

The Vitamix 750 is almost identical to the 7500; it comes with only two different features. Both models have the same 2.2-peak horsepower, the same container shape, the same variable speed dial, and the same design. However, you may be able to find different color options of the 750– that are arguably nicer and may fit better into certain décor styles.

The others colors we could find are: ​Black and Brushed Stainless

The 750 also comes with five pre-programmed settings: smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, puree, and cleaning, none of which the 7500 comes with. Because of this, the price may also be increased depending on where and when you buy. Depending on your priorities – and the regularity with which you make each of the different cycle products – this may be an important addition for you.

That's not to say you can't make the same things without the pre-programmed cycles (you obviously can), but it's just an extra piece of convenience.

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