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Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Review – What to Know Before Buying

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The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is a simple, stripped-back food processor/blender hybrid model with interchangeable containers. Although it has a ton of functionality for the light user, it suffers from a lack of power and short warranty. While its strong points come from its versatility and ease of use, it definitely doesn't have the power you'd find in a top of the line blender. Read our entire Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Review  and learn if its going to work for you.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)


  • Two sets of blades, one removable
  • 40-oz container
  • Pulse function
  • BPA-free, dishwasher safe
  • Multiple Cups
  • Easy to Clean
  • May Be Affordable


  • One-speed
  • 1-year warranty
  • Numerous accessories to store and manage
  • 550 Watts Motor

Key Features: Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Review

The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse comes with two sets of blades, one of which is removable for reduced cleaning when blending something that doesn’t need too much power. For blends that do need more power, both sets of blades can be used, and they are designed to rotate at different speeds to blend items more quickly and efficiently.

It also has a pulse function, so you can more easily customize the blades’ activity for all sorts of different purposes – useful for nut butters or dry products like flours, where over-mixing can quickly ruin them. This model comes with a 40-oz container that is both BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, making clean-up much easier. Keep in mind for hard ingredients like nuts, they are going to have to be thoroughly soaked and soft before blending on a lower-power machine.

One of the primary features of the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is its versatility. It comes with a bunch of different accessories that can be switched out on the base to create different products. While this might seem burdensome – changing accessories to make different products involves a lot more management and more clutter than all-in-one machines – it does come with great advantages.

In addition to the large 40-oz container, you also get two 16-oz containers that can be attached to the same base to turn the regular blender into a personal blender. If you want to make a single serve of anything, simply swap out the blender containers. These smaller containers also come with lids, so that you can create a single-serve smoothie and take it immediately out with you on the go. This is massively beneficial when it comes to saving time and avoiding clean-ups.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this model is very stripped back. It does not have variable speed control, only a pulse function, so this cleans up the appearance of the interface significantly. The base is sleek, made of shiny black and silver plastic, without any buttons or switches. It operates in a similar way to a personal blender in that you push down on the container to initiate blending, so its interface is simply the Ninja logo.

There are numerous reports from users of poor build quality for the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse, which has been known to give out after a short period of use and with little activity. It is not the components themselves that are flawed – the blades are stainless steel, and the container is durable BPA-free plastic – but the motor, which at 0.7 horsepower is too weak to handle blending without taxing itself. As a result, the motor of this model often gives out when even moderate blending activities are attempted – obviously not ideal if you’re looking to do anything much more than smoothies and soft blends.

Unfortunately, because of this, the model only comes with a 12-month warranty. This is the standard for the lower-tier blenders on the market. While other Ninja blenders have warranties of two years, and high-tier blenders like the Vitamix and Blendtec range have warranties of up to ten (if extended), this basic warranty may be a consideration for you if you’re looking to buy a product that will keep working for years. A short warranty does not necessarily mean the product is more likely to fail – just that the manufacturers themselves have less faith in their product’s build quality than other brands do.

One of the best design elements of this blender, which puts it above the pack, is the addition of single-serve containers that can be inserted into the same base. As mentioned above, this makes it much easier to use for making a single drink than blenders that only offer one large container, and is a useful benefit that makes it easier to customize your machine for your uses. It also comes with a dough hook and dough paddle as well.

It is built to be a versatile and affordable machine for the light user that's going to stick to simple blends in our humble opinion.

Power and Noise

The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is not a powerful machine, at only 550 watts, and represents the weaker end of the Ninja range and, indeed, the home blender market as a whole. Because of this, this machine is best for anyone planning to make easy-to-blend items like smoothies, rather than anyone looking to create nut butters or flours. Ninja claims that this product can crush ice and knead bread – it even comes with a dough hook  as stated above, but there are several reports of the dough kneading function being lackluster.

Keep in mind that thickness of ice cubes can vary by your freezer or trays in which you freeze them, making it easier or harder to blend.

This model has also been reported to be quite loud, which is concerning given that it doesn’t even benefit from impressive blending power.

Ease of Use

This machine is easy to operate – like a personal blender, you merely push down on the container to start blending – but lacks many of the best ease-of-use features of other blenders on the market. It does not come with a variable speed dial, so it’s impossible to customize the blades’ speed for different products, and this gives you much less control when it comes to the things you can create. If you’re someone looking for a fully customizable machine, this is not really the option for you.

It also does not contain pre-programmed settings, which are a massive advantage found on higher-tier machines that do all the work for you. Whereas on those machines you can simply push a button and walk away, letting the blender create a perfect blend for you, you must stand over the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse to hold down the container and keep it blending. Although easy to operate, this may be frustrating, especially if you are making something that requires a long period of blending, or if you make a smoothie every morning, and want the ability to multi-task while your blender does its job.

However, given that this blender is not meant to be a high-end powerhouse, you can't expect to have these high end functions - and you may not even need them.​

How Easy is it to Clean?

Cleaning is also very easy with this machine. Because it has no pre-programmed settings, it also does not benefit from an inbuilt ‘cleaning’ cycle, but this is offset by the dishwasher-safe nature of the containers and the easily-removable blades, which make cleaning easier than in other machines.

The recommended cleaning method is to add detergent and warm water to the container, then let it run for 10 seconds; after that, simply air-dry.

Is it Reliable?

As mentioned, the warranty for this machine is only one year, which raises questions about its reliability. One of the primary reasons to buy a more expensive blender is for the assurance that it won’t give out during a crucial time – there could be nothing more frustrating than losing the ability to blend soup when you’ve got a table-full of people waiting for it.

Because the warranty on this machine is so short, and because it does not feature the in-built cooling fan that many other brands boast, the reliability of this machine cannot be assured. That being said, everyone's needs are different.

This is indeed a very popular model and is good for its multiple functions for the user who isn't going to be doing really heavy duty blend jobs which would be too taxing the motor of this machine. For simple chopping and easy smoothies, it's likely to get the job done just fine, but don't expect to make blends with high amounts of thick solids.

How Does it Compare?

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The Nutri Ninja Pro is another Ninja product, but is a dedicated personal blender designed to create single-serve products every time, unlike the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse. If you’re someone looking to create large batches of smoothies or soups, the larger container of the Kitchen System may be better for you. It should be noted, however, that the Nutri Ninja Pro comes with a much more powerful motor, a smaller counter footprint, and three different modes to make it more versatile.

Because of these traits, its greater reliability, and the fact that it is usually similarly cost-effective, the Nutri Ninja Pro can safely be recommended ahead of the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse – unless the larger container size from the Kitchen System is important to you.

If you're thinking about a blender like this yoou may want to check out our Nutribullet and Ninja comparison or our Nutribullet model comparison.

The Nutri Ninja Blender Duo is one of the top picks in the Nutri Ninja range, and features many of the advantages of the Kitchen System Pulse with additional benefits. It comes with a larger 72-oz containers and three single-serve containers that can be put onto the base in much the same way as the Kitchen System Pulse. However, it comes with pre-programmed settings, including a smoothie cycle, and 2-peak horsepower that makes it strong enough to handle more than just smoothies.

Both models share a 12-month warranty,  and has many favorable reports about its durability. Given the power if its engine, it's a lot less likely to be overworked compared to the Pulse.

You can also learn more about the Ninja line on our Ninja model comparison post.

The 5200 is Vitamix’s most affordable home blender, so in terms of specs it is the most similar to the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse. That, however, is where most of the comparisons end. The Vitamix features a variable 10-speed dial, a significantly more powerful motor at 2-peak horsepower, a seven-year warranty, a more attractive design, and it's manufactured in two color options. The Ninja benefits from its innovative single-serve container system and usually being more affordable.

Whereas the Ninja is an affordable option for someone wanting to make larger smoothies than a personal blender, the Vitamix is ideal for anyone who wants an all-in-one product that can take on anything that you throw at it. For this reason, the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is recommended if its better for your budget and are going to stick to simple easy blending/chopping tasks – the Vitamix is best for anyone else who's going to be doing heavy duty blending work in the kitchen and wants to make a potentially larger investment for 7+ years of guaranteed reliability.

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