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KitchenAid Immersion Hand Blender Review – 3-Speed

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The KitchenAid 3-Speed Immersion Hand Blender is a simple, cost-effective immersion blender with a good choice of colors (may vary by retailer) and a great size. However, it does have a few flaws such as a short warranty and a not-so powerful motor. Because of this, it doesn't stand up quite as well as many of the other blenders in the KitchenAid range, but it may be an affordable option for someone who may not need a top of the line hand held blender and wants some included accessories.

Overall Thrive Cuisine Rating: 4.0

KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender - Contour Silver

Build Quality






Ease of Blending





  • Attractive design
  • Three color options (availability may vary)
  • Corded
  • 8" blending stick
  • Affordable
  • Reputable Brand
  • Includes accessories (may vary with different colors)


  • 200W motor
  • Plastic body
  • No variable speed setting
  • Twist-on attachments
  • One-year limited warranty

Key Features

The KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender has a couple of features that separate it from similar immersion blenders. It comes with a couple of useful accessories – a whisk attachment, a 2.5-cup food processor, and a 3-cup blending container. Unlike other models, these accessories don’t need to be purchased separately – they come included with your purchase already. Keep in mind that this may change if you purchase a different color or different package as there are several available.

The blender is an ideal size for most blending activities – not too large, not too small. It features an 8” blending stick, which is at the larger end of the blending stick spectrum, but not so large as to be prohibitive. The 2” base is small enough to fit into most containers but large enough to prove effective at blending activities. As a result, the 3-Speed Hand Blender is an ideal size for most blending.

This model also comes in three different color options: silver, black, and white (availability may vary). It has an attractive design compared to other similar immersion blenders, so if you choose to keep it in plain sight there’s no concern about its appearance.

Design and Build Quality

KitchenAid has historically been known for great build quality, but there appear to be a few durability issues with this product, but please note that they are most likely anomalies and don't necessarily reflect the experience of the average user. Part of these durability issues can be attributed to this model’s design. Rather than the stainless steel design of many similar models, the 3-Speed Hand Blender is almost all plastic – except for the stainless steel S-shaped blade. It has a non-slip soft-grip handle, so you can hold it easily when in use, and an 8-inch stick that’s long enough to reach the bottom of many bigger containers. It comes with a 2.5-cup food processor attachment and a 3-cup container for blending in, both of which are plastic and dishwasher-safe.

kitchenaid hand held blender attachment review

The food processor attachment can be used to make oat or nut flours, which in turn can be used to make your own breads.

One of the major boons of this model is its medium size – it’s small enough to fit under the kitchen cabinet when fully assembled, and can be disassembled to fit easily in any drawer. The 2-inch base is also small enough to fit into the bottom of most blending containers. A major plus.

However, it suffers from a twist-on system for attaching accessories to the motor that can be problematic. While many other models have click-on systems, featuring buttons that lock the blending stick into place, this model requires you to twist it on. When it’s steamy or your hands are wet, or you suffer from arthritis, this system is difficult to use. There’s also the potential for the blending stick to untwist itself during blending – especially if you’re moving it around a lot through thick substances, like heavy soups or sauces like chutneys. Whether or not this system is an issue for you depends on what you plan on doing with this model, but it does seem an unnecessary drawback compared to other designs.

Power and noise

This machine isn’t particularly powerful, even compared to immersion blenders. It suffers from only a 200W motor (roughly 0.3-peak horsepower), whereas many other models can reach up to 0.8-peak horsepower, and countertop blenders are typically found from 2-peak to 3-peak horsepower. As a result, it’s significantly less powerful than it could be, and much less efficient at processing blends than other immersion blenders on the market.

Because of this, it isn’t a particularly noisy machine. It can be considered one of the quieter models on the market.

Ease of use

This model comes with three speeds, each of which can be initiated by pressing a button. This makes it very easy to use, and it can be used one-handed because there is no safety catch required to hold down. You can hold the blender with one hand, holding down the relevant power button, and hold your blending container with the other. These buttons can also be used as pulse functions, just by pressing them down.

However, the problems associated with accessories untwisting themselves from the motor base make this machine somewhat more difficult to use than it could be. If you’re using the machine in thick blends, this means you’ll often have to hold the attachment on with one hand and hold the power with another – so the advantages associated with one-handed use aren’t necessarily as all-encompassing as they could be.

However, this isn't meant to be a high-tech culinary machine. It is an affordable design for the average consumer.​


The only attachments that are dishwasher-safe are the whisk attachment and the blending containers – the blending stick and motor are not, and should be washed manually and wiped down respectively. This is very standard as far as the cleaning of immersion blenders is concerned.

How does it compare to other blenders?

The Braun Multiquick Hand Blender has better specs than the 3-Speed Hand Blender. It has higher horsepower – 350W compared to 200. It also has a stainless steel blending stick, click-on accessories, and much better build quality. It has better reliability than the KitchenAid and there are no real criticisms of its quality.

The KitchenAid does outcompete the Braun is in its size, which is greatly superior. It has an 8” blending stick, compared to the Braun’s 6.25” stick, and a better-sized base, so it fits better into larger and deeper containers.

I’d recommend the Braun over the KitchenAid – it features greater reliability, better functionality, a stronger motor, and better ease of use.

But if you're planning on blending up large batches, the KitchenAid is a much better pick, just because of its size.

You can also learn more about the Braun Multiquick Hand Blender on this post.

The All-Clad Immersion Blender is a top-of-the-range handheld blender. It has incredible power – 0.8-peak horsepower – as well as great design, solid stainless steel construction, a variable speed dial, click-on accessories, and an excellent seven-year warranty. In comparison, the KitchenAid has little to offer. It has a weaker motor, plastic parts, no variable speed setting, twist-on accessories, and a 12-month warranty.

The All-Clad, it should be noted, is very large. It has a 9.25” blending stick and a very large head that doesn’t fit into smaller containers; it has to be used with larger containers instead. The KitchenAid, instead, is a smaller design that can be used in more places, and stored more easily. If you’re looking for a model that’s powerful and can make green smoothies for the whole family, go for the All-Clad; if you’re after something that will fit into more containers, go for the KitchenAid.

You can also learn more on our full All-Clad immersion blender review.​

The Cuisinart Smart Stick and the KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender are very similar in many ways. They both feature 200W motors, attractive designs, and multiple color options (which may vary in availability).

Where the Cuisinart has a smaller size and a longer warranty, it has quite a few user reports with some issues, with the blades known to shatter and the plastic gear prone to failure. In comparison, the KitchenAid has a larger size and a shorter warranty, with general wear-and-tear durability issues, but very rarely something major.

KitchenAid is known to be better when it comes to honoring warranty issues, but this model’s warranty is only 12 months. Cuisinart, on the other hand, has a longer warranty but there have been some user reported issues with it that may not make it worthwhile since it's generally considered to be a low-tier unit that may not be worth replacing if something breaks.

In the end, we think the Kitchenaid is a better pick.

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