Commercial Blender Reviews – The Best Models for 2017

If your business is going to rely on a blender, you’ll need a commercial or industrial model. They’re much stronger and more reliable than home models, capable of doing much more in a shorter amount of time without so much risk of breaking down. The models in this list are some of the best commercial blenders on the market, and as such you can be sure that they’ll be able to do whatever you want them to do – you just need to consider what exactly you'll need it for and make the best decision for your budget and business application.

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What Makes Commercial Blenders Different?

If you’re going to rely on a blender for your business, you’re going to need a commercial blender. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a machine for a kitchen, for a bar, or for a smoothie station; these machines are powerful, reliable, and come with a bunch of different settings designed to make your professional life easier.

There are quite a few features that separate a commercial blender from a regular household blender. The first, and one of the most important, is the power of the motor. Higher-tier household products rarely tip over 2-peak horsepower; all of the commercial models in this list have over 3-peak horsepower, so they’re significantly more powerful. More power doesn’t necessarily mean better performance, but as a rule it means that a machine will be able to blend harder objects more quickly, and that hard work will tax the motor less, meaning it should last longer.

smoothie bowl commercial blender

Serving up the perfect smoothie bowl should be quick and easy.

Another thing that’s necessary for a commercial blender is reliability. If you’re making blends throughout the day, every day, you need a model that won’t give out on you when you need it most. Many home blenders don’t have the best build quality; these models do, and they’re built to perform well for years.

Going along with this, most commercial models have shorter warranties than the home models from the same brands. While Vitamix and Blendtec home models mostly come with seven-year warranties, their commercial models in this list have limited three-year warranties as per the manufacturer websites linked above.. This is to account for the much heavier use expected for a commercial model; so the degree to which your model will last depends heavily on its usage. They are built for quality.

Finally, commercial models come with large, stackable containers that are designed to hold large blends. If you’re making commercial batches of things, you need to have a bigger container than the typical home blend.

Two things that are massive benefits for a commercial blender are pre-programmed settings and noise-reducing technology. These aren’t necessary for a commercial blender, but they do make your work significantly easier, and that’s a massive benefit if it’s going to be used a lot.

Pre-programmed settings allow you to establish settings that can be activated with the push of a button. This is a massive advantage if you have a set menu that you need to use your blender for, as it means you or your staff can do other things while the blender automatically runs and creates the perfect blend. Useful for smoothie bars or cocktails with crushed ice like mojitos, many models come with settings that can be re-programmed so you can switch what your blender does at any given time.

commercial blender ice crushing

If crushing ice for the perfect drink is what you need, a commercial blender will take it on without an issue.

Especially important for smaller spaces is noise-reducing technology. Many of them come with shields to help prevent noise from escaping. The better noise-reducing models in this list have inbuilt systems that reduce noise entirely. If you’re planning on working to-order, with customers close by, this is a massive advantage.

**It is also important to note that most manufacturer's warranties for home-use blenders will not apply to commercial use.

How Do These Blenders Differ?

All of the above describes what makes commercial blenders different from home blenders, but there are a few ways in which the models differ from one another in this line-up. They are generally more similar than dissimilar. The ways in which they differ come down to how much those advantageous features for commercial blenders: their pre-programmed settings and noise reduction.

Some models come with more pre-programmed features than others. The Hamilton Beach Tempest has no pre-programmed settings at all; the Blendtec is so advanced that you can create your own settings online and upload them to your machine. The other machines have a choice of settings that you can pick from.

Likewise, some models are much quieter than others. Again, the Hamilton Beach Tempest has no noise-reducing technology; the Vitamix Quiet One and Blendtec Stealth are advertised as being so quiet that you can hold a regular conversation while using them and they won't be as disruptive to customers.

Best Commercial Blenders Reviewed

This model is undoubtedly the best in this list; it’s got Blendtec’s typical great specs and great build quality, as well as the most useful features.

It has 3.8-peak horsepower, the greater in this list. It comes with 11 speeds on a variable speed touch-slider so you can easily change the motor speed. It has 42 pre-programmed settings, 14 of which can be stored on the blender. The containers are massive 90oz Wildside containers, which are a patended design of Blendtec’s with a fifth side to improve blending.

It has two giant benefits: it’s designed to be incredibly quiet, and is advertised as being the same volume as a normal conversation, and you can create your own pre-programmed settings online and upload them to your machine to make the perfect blend every time. These features, as well as the massive horsepower and giant containers, make it an ideal machine for any sort of commercial environment; it’s quiet enough to operate front-of-house, large enough to blend up soups or sauces like this epic cashew cream sauce, strong enough to crush ice, and the pre-programmed settings make any kind of smoothie easy.

It should be noted that all the info on this blender comes from Blendtec's website here. ​


  • 3.8-peak horsepower
  • 14 pre-programmed settings
  • Custom programs can be created online
  • Noise-reducing shield
  • 90oz container
  • Very quiet
  • 3 Year Warranty (long for commercial units)


  • None!

The Quiet One is a great commercial model that comes with the best parts of a commercial blender and a few handy additional features. It has 93 possible speeds, allowing you to change the blade speed very specifically to exactly what you want. It also has a noise-reducing shield and inbuilt technology – it’s been claimed to make the same amount of noise as a normal conversation, making it ideal for a smoothie station or bar.

There are six pre-programmed setting buttons, and you can choose from 34 possible settings to load them with. The containers that this model comes with are the 48oz Vitamix’s Advance containers, which are both stackable and come with a no-drip spout to make pouring easier.

This model is definitely an ideal smoothie or bar blender; it’s very quiet, there are 34 pre-programmed settings, and the smaller containers make it more suited to smaller blends.

It should be noted that all of the info on this model comes from the manufacturer's website here. ​


  • Six pre-programmed settings
  • 34 possible settings
  • Sound-reducing shield
  • Very quiet
  • Stackable containers


  • Smaller 48oz container

This is the second Vitamix in the list, and it has incredibly similar specs to the first in almost every way. They have the same 3-peak horsepower, 93 possible speeds, six pre-programmed cycles, limited three-year warranties, and containers. The only difference between them comes down to appearance and noise reduction; the Blending Station Advance has a somewhat larger counter footprint and doesn’t brag about being as quiet as the Quiet One does.

Because of this, I wouldn’t really recommend the Blending Station Advance over the Quiet One unless your budget called for it; it doesn’t seem beneficial to pick a machine that only has fewer features.


  • Six pre-programmed settings
  • 34 possible settings
  • Noise-reducing shield


  • Noisier

The Waring Commercial is the only Waring model in this list, and compared to the other models in this list it’s a very middle-range blender. It has most of the great features of commercial blenders, including settings that can be re-programmed, and has a limited 3-year warranty. You can also just operate it manually if you want to with the manual speed buttons, but it doesn’t have as many variable speed options as the other models in this list.

This model is ideal if you’re working with a tighter budget (*prices vary) that doesn’t necessarily stretch to the Vitamix or Blendtec models, and if you’re not necessarily invested in having a truly quiet machine or one with impressive variable speed options. It’s potentially more ideal as a kitchen or bar blender than a smoothie blender, just for these reasons.

We also did a post on other Waring blender models if you want to learn more about their line.


  • 3.5-peak horsepower
  • Sound-reducing shield
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Four re-programmable settings


  • Noisier

However, this model doesn’t come with either pre-programmed settings or any noise-reducing technology. As a result, it’s not as useful as it could be for many functions; the machine needs to be babysat to some degree, as you’ll need to keep an eye on it at all times. Because of this it’s not an ideal smoothie machine, nor is it ideal for making things that need specific blending systems, like nut butters or flours. It’s probably ideal if you’re making simple things like sauces, or if you’re not planning on using your machine over and over for the same recipes – otherwise pre-programmed settings would come in handy.

You can learn more about the brand on our post about Hamilton Beach's home models.


  • Temperature gauge
  • Still a great model
  • Simpler to use


  • No pre-programmed settings
  • No noise-reducing shield

​So which model is best?

The best model is undoubtedly the Blendtec or the Vitamix. Blendtec is a great brand, with excellent build quality and attractive designs. The Blendtec Stealth 875 is aesthetically appealing, has the highest horsepower, allows you to set your own pre-programmed settings, is incredibly quiet, and comes with the largest container. The Vitamix (while a great brand for home blenders) is our runner up.

It’s suitable for anything you may want; it can be used for basically anything you’d want your commercial blender for. And that’s the benefit of a commercial blender – that you can create whatever you want inside your business and use it frequently for years to come.

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