Blendtec Classic 475 Review

A simple blender that does everything you want it to without bells and whistles, the 475 is brilliant for anyone who wants a powerful machine and simple manual control. Even though it is an older model of the Blendtec line, its still will suit the needs of 99.9% of people who want a blender. Read our entire Blendtec Classic 475 review below to learn more:

Reviewed Blender:

Overall Thrive Cuisine Rating:  4.4

Blendtec Classic 475 120V Blender

Build Quality











  • 3 peak horsepower
  • 3 manual speed settings
  • Can blend almost anything
  • Safe blades
  • 75-ounce container
  • Reputable Warranty


  • Lightweight, can shift while blending
  • Can be noisy
  • Plastic base

Key Features: Blendtec Classic 475 Review

The Blendtec Classic 475 has a horsepower of 3 at peak, much higher than almost any other home blender on the market, including Vitamix blenders. This is a massive advantage for this model: a higher horsepower means that it is generally able to work more quickly, produce smoother results, and get through even the hardest food products, like ice or nuts

The 475 has three manual speed settings – low, medium, and high – as well as both pulse and smoothie settings. The effect of this is beneficial for both the busy person and the attentive one: you can control exactly how fast the blender works with the variable speed settings, but you can also just press a button and return to a perfectly-made smoothie.

There are three major features that differentiate the 475 from its competition: the interface, its safer blades, and the four-sided container shape. 

The interface is a flat push-button interface with an illuminated display that shows exactly how long remains in your blending cycle, both of which are rarely found in similar products.

Blendtec has taken a step forward in the market with the 475’s blades, which are specially-designed to work with the 3-horsepower motor. Because the motor is capable of spinning so quickly, the blades do not need to be as sharp as in weaker blenders – as a result, they are both blunter, 80% thicker, and up to 10x as strong as other blender blades, while providing the same great blending.

That's why (along with the similar warranties) that Blendtec makes a great Vitamix alternative.

Finally, the 475’s 75-ounce four-sided container is unique to the company. It has been developed to avoid the air pockets that sometimes emerge when blending – the corners allow food to be pushed into the blades instead of becoming stuck, negating the need for a tamper – and allows you to get every last drop out of your container. 

Power and Noise

The Blendtec Classic 475 is very powerful, with a horsepower of 3 – much more powerful than most blenders. This enables it to get through almost anything you can imagine, including iPhones and and other electronics, as Blendtec’s owner has shown on YouTube. Results with a motor of this strength tend to be high quality and quick to create, and the 475 challenges professional blenders for sheer power.

As expected, this results in a noisy machine – however, the benefits of such a powerful engine make the noise worth it for someone who needs power. It also appears that the 475 is slightly less noisy than blenders with similar motor power (some users report), which could be an important consideration for you. However, no tests in decibels have been done that we could find.

Ease of Use

The Blendtec Classic 475 is a very easy machine to use. Its flat push-button interface enables you to push a button and allow the machine to do the work. It also features a pulse button, useful for more specific blending, and a smoothie setting that promises to make perfect smoothies without any input from you.

In addition, the digital display shows how much time is remaining in your blend – great if you’re trying to co-ordinate dishes or just impatient for your morning smoothie.


The container of the 475, like most other blenders in this style, is not dishwasher-safe. Instead, Blendtec recommends adding soap and water to the container and pulsing to clean it, and also lists a number of other cleaning methods – like adding lemon to get rid of bad smells – in their manual.

The shape of the 475’s container makes it easy to get around the blades to clean more specifically, or remove stuck food from beneath them. This is a better system than competitors, whose containers often make cleaning somewhat more difficult.


As mentioned, the Blendtec Classic 475 has an 8-year warranty according to their website - may very depending on retailer), which speaks volumes about its reliability over the years. Its good construction, particularly the metal joinery and thick blades, also contribute to its high reliability.

How Does it Compare?

Blendtec Classic 475 vs 575: The Blendtec Classic 575 is an upgraded version of the 475, with added manual speed settings and four pre-programmed settings, including a cleaning function. Both, however, feature the same 3-peak horsepower motors; the same interface and container options; and the same Blendtec warranty. 

It is more likely to suit someone wants increased functionality. The 475 is more stripped-down and thus useful for someone who just needs a basic, no-frills model with a powerful motor.

The Blendtec Total Blender Classic was Blendtec’s top-selling blender for a number of years. It features six automatic presets, two manual controls, and a pulse button, but other than that is incredibly similar to the 475; they share the same horsepower, same container, and same general design.

Because the Total Blender Classic has a greater focus on pre-programmed settings, which run and stop on their own, it is likely to be more suited for someone who wants their blender to do all the work. In comparison, the 475 is ideal for someone who wants to control every element of the blending process and enjoys having the power to create exactly what they choose.

The Ninja Ultima Blender BL810 comes with reduced functionality and a two-year warranty. Instead of the pre-programmed setting that the 475 comes with, the Ninja has a 1-10 speed dial and relies on a multitude of accessories to create different blends. Despite this, it still has 2.5-peak horsepower, meaning it’s more than strong enough to get through anything.

For this reason, the Ninja is ideal for someone who is willing to change out different accessories for different options and is willing to settle for a lesser warranty. The 475 is better for someone who wants an all-in-one machine with plenty of customization abilities. However, if the Ninja happens to suit your budget, it could be all you need to get the job done.

If you're still unsure if the 475 is right for you, check out our Blendtec roundup review to learn about some of the different units the company has to offer.

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