Blendtec Blender Reviews – Learn and Compare Before You Buy

So you want excellent processing power, impressive functionality, and durability in an affordable package? You must be looking for a Blendtec. This company’s blenders have been taking the market by storm for years – if you’re looking for something that stand up vs. Vitamix while still being affordable (*prices vary), look no further. Read our entire Blendtec Blender Reviews below to learn more about some of the top units that they offer.

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From our personal experiences, Vitamix and Blendtec are the best blenders on the market you can buy. With their awesome warranties and top notch designs/specs you can't really go wrong with either of these brands.

That being said, the final choice you make will come down to bills and whistles, price, and personal preference for certain functions.

Why Go for a Blendtec Blender?

Blendtec is a company known for being powerful, reliable, and affordable. When it comes to buying a blender, Blendtec’s products are one of the few blenders on the market that we can truly say are a Vitamix Alternative.

The home blenders that Blendtec produces are often as effective as commercial models, and can be used for anything from smoothies to creating nut butters, grinding coffee, crushing ice, or heating up soups. They all have large containers with Blendtec’s patented shape, to make tamping unnecessary, so you can blend as large a product as you want with no difficulties. If you want an all-in-one kitchen product that will make your food processor almost obsolete, consider a Blendtec machine.

Despite generally being more affordable, the build qualify of Blendtec machines is still excellent, and their warranties reflect that; most new products come with seven- or eight-year warranties, and the company is good about honoring them. Their phone customer service is also always friendly and helpful.

The brand has released a range of products, for every kind of user, so if you’re in the market for a Blendtec you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs.

Differences Between Different Models?

Blendtec’s models are all powerful, but they can be distinguished by their sheer horsepower. Earlier models tend to have 2-peak horsepower, still exceptionally strong compared to other blenders, but the Designer series have ramped that up to 3-peak and even 3.8-peak horsepower, meaning they can churn through just about anything.

The interface of the models also differs. They are all sleek, push-putton interfaces, but some contain a digital reader to show the length of time left in a blend while others do not. Some of the models also contain a limited number of manual settings – low, medium, and high – while others contain a 100-speed touch slider, so you can get truly specific about your blender’s activity. In addition, only some models have a pulse function – so if this is important to you, for greater specificity, consider making it a part of your search.

Some Blendtec models come with pre-programmed settings, and the more expensive the blender, the more of these settings you will get. Early models come with none; mid-range models will come with the ‘smoothie’ cycle, while later models can have as many as six to deal with all sorts of frequent blends: ice creams, soups, whole juices, and even a cleaning setting to make clean-up even easier.

In addition, the containers that each of the models come with can have an effect on the blends that you can create. Earlier models come with Blendtec’s four-sided container, which is already a step above circular containers as it encourages blending without use of a tamper and allows you to scrape the container easily. Later models come with the five-sided Wildside container, the patented fifth side of which greatly improves blending ability.

Finally, the last major way in which the Blendtec models differ is in design. Early designs are passably attractive, while later models tend to be streamlined and come in a range of colors to make them easy to customize to your kitchen. All the models are short enough to fit under a kitchen cabinet, but only some are ones that you may want to have on display. Depending on whether this is a priority for you, it should be something you keep in mind.

What Are Your Priorities?

When you’re trying to decide between the different blenders in the Blendtec range, you need to look at your priorities. Are you someone who makes a smoothie every morning, and for whom an inbuilt ‘smoothie’ setting would be advantageous to save time and get a perfect blend every day? Are you planning on making nut butters, and want a pulse function to help with this? Are you impatient about cleaning and want the pre-programmed ‘cleaning’ setting of later models? Do you want your machine to have the most powerful motor to crush through ice and seeds like they’re nothing? Do you plan on having your blender in display on your kitchen, and do you want it to blend in seamlessly with your color palate?

Only you can decide what is and what is not important to you. Price is also a considerable aspect to consider: as the models become more and more advanced the price may go up as well, and if you are on a budget it’s worthwhile to determine your ‘must-haves’, so you can weed out the features you want from the features you need.

The Blendtec Designer Series Blender represents the new Blendtec range, which is supposed to be a ‘step above’ the Classic series in terms of functionality and design. The Designer blenders are claimed to be the ‘Swiss army knife’ of blenders, capable of doing anything you may want them to do – mix drinks, combine bread, grind coffee, create ice cream – the list goes on.

The Designer Series Blender is the first step in this evolution, and as such benefits from many of the features of the new range. It has greatly improved design over previous models, including four attractive color options. It has a touch slider for greater control over manual speeds and an improved airflow system to help keep the motor cooler, allowing for greater durability. It also comes with the patented Blendtec five-sided Wildside container, the fifth side of which is designed to create flawless blending with no issues.

This model also includes six pre-programmed settings: batters, ice crush, smoothie, ice cream, whole juice, and clean.


  • 3-peak horsepower
  • Great Design
  • Improved airflow system vs. other models
  • Six pre-programmed settings
  • BPA Free Blending Jar.
  • Can blend pretty much anything that you want with its settings.


  • As usual, no tamper results in lesser ability to blend things with less liquid.

One of the classic Blendtec Models - great if you're looking for something simple with no bells and whistles. Read our entire review of the Blendtec 475 to learn more.


  • 3-peak horsepower
  • Pre-programmed ‘smoothie’ setting
  • Ability to Pulse for different blend styles
  • Will suit the needs of most users and even go above and beyond.


  • Limited design
  • One pre-programmed setting
  • No tamper, can be difficult to blend some things without adequate liquid - but pulse function may alleviate this a bit.

Like the Designer Series Blender, the Designer 625 comes with all of the benefits of the Designer range. Despite it usually being more expensive (*prices vary), it lacks a little of the functionality of the Designer Series Blender, with only four pre-programmed settings instead of six; it lacks the batters, ice crush, and cleaning functions, and instead comes with a ‘hot soup’ option. Depending on what you’re planning to create with your blender, this may be a consideration for you. The Designer 625 comes with a an 8  year warranty (greater than other Blendtecs - check out manufacturer's site for more details - (may vary by retailer or if you purchased used or refurbished units.), with more color options (availability varies) and easier clean-up.

You can also read our entire review on the Blendtec Designer 625.


  • 3-peak horsepower
  • Best visual design out of all Blendtec units
  • Wildside container
  • Improved airflow system
  • Timer lets you know how much longer until your blend is complete


  • Reduced amount of pre-programmed settings than earlier similar models.

The Blendtec Classic 575 is an upgraded version of the 475. It has the same 3-peak horsepower, same interface, and same container, but comes with added manual speed settings and three more pre-programmed settings, including a cleaning function, and may come in six colors (depending on availability) instead of the 475’s two. It therefore represents a middle-ground for people seeking a certain number of functions who are not yet willing to compromise entirely on price (*note that prices can fluctuate).

The pre-programmed settings that it comes with, in addition, include the two non-specific ’60-second’ and ’90-second’ cycles; so if you’re searching for something more unique to the blend you’re creating, this may not be ideal for you. If you want to learn more about this blender check out our full Blendtec 575 review.


  • 3-peak horsepower
  • Five Manual Speed Settings
  • May have a few color options depending on when and where you shop.


  • Non-specific pre-programmed settings.

The Blendtec Total Blender was Blendtec’s top-selling blender for years. It has the brand’s 3-peak horsepower motor and classic container design, but its interface design is slightly different to the rest of the company’s range, with six pre-programmed cycles – smoothie, batters, hot soup, whole juice, ice cream, and ice crush – and two buttons to change the manual speed up to 10 times. Because of its focus on pre-programmed cycles, this blender is ideal for people who don’t want a lot of manual control over their creations and prefer the machine to do the work.


  • 3-peak horsepower
  • Six great pre-programmed settings
  • Affordable


  • Limited manual settings


If you’re looking for a Blendtec blender, you already know that you want something that delivers the power, functionality, and attractive design at a rate that is affordable.

The Designer Series provides all of these attributes – it comes with a number of great pre-programmed settings, a touch-slider for manual speeds, beautiful design and an assortment of colors, 3-peak horsepower, the and effective Wildside container.

If you want a machine that’s going to perform optimally, last you a long time, and look great doing just about anything, this model is the best in the Blendtec range.

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