blendtec 625 review

Blendtec 625 Review

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One of Blendtec’s top-performing models, this sleek powerhouse provides great performance and design for people on a budget. Many people buy these units as alternatives for a Vitamix or other super high end unit. Does it measure up? With Blendtec's excellent design, reliability, and functionality we believe it does. Read our full Blendtec 625 review below:

Overall Thrive Cuisine Rating:  4.6

Blendtec Designer 625 with WildSide Jar, Black

Build Quality






Ease of Blending





  • 3 peak horsepower
  • 6 manual speed settings
  • 8-year warranty
  • Safe blades
  • 90-ounce Wildside container
  • Fits under the cabinet


  • Lightweight, can shift while blending
  • Noisy

Editor's Note:

As you may have been able to tell by our other articles - we're huge fans of Blendtec on Thrive Cuisine. Our staff has collectively owned both Vitamix and Blendtec blenders and both of these brands really are the "cream of the crop". They have unrivaled warranties as well as the engineering for any blending job you can imagine. You can't go wrong buying either of these brands if you're going to use your blender on a regular basis. We've been using them for years and have never looked back!

Blendtec 625 Review: Key Features

The Blendtec Designer 625 has a 3-peak horsepower, which is significantly higher than other home blenders on the market. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever require such enormous power, but having such an effective machine means that its processing power won’t be taxed by crushing ice or making nut butters – so the motor is likely to last longer.

The 625 has six manual speed settings in a touch-screen slider, so you can get really specific about your blend. It also has a pulse setting, and four pre-programmed cycles that are designed to create the perfect examples of smoothies, ice creams, whole juices, and hot soups. One of the major benefits of this product is that it can heat up soup within the container, so you can blend and prepare all in one.

Four features differentiate the 625 from other brand machines of similar specs: its interface, its safe blades, the five-sided Wildside container, and the design elements.

The interface is unique to Blendtec products. It’s a flat, push-button interface with an illuminated display that shows how long remains in any of the pre-programmed cycles. This surface is hygienic, easy-to-use, and more digital in aesthetic to dial-and-switch blender interfaces.

The safe blades are also unique to Blendtec; because the motor is capable of spinning so quickly, the 625’s blades do not need to be as sharp as other blenders. The company has dulled the blades for its models with 3-peak horsepower, making them 80% thicker and up to 10x as strong as competitors’ blades without losing any performance.

The 625’s 90-ounce five-sided Wildside container has a patented fifth side, which helps prevent the air pockets that can emerge when blending, so you don’t need to use a tamper to keep your blend moving smoothly; the shape of the container prevents blockages and lumps by directing its contents right into the blades.

Finally, the 625 steps above even the other Blendtec models with its beautiful design. Sleek, attractive, and streamlined, this model also comes in seven different colors (varies based on where you shop) so that you can customize it perfectly to your space. Other models of blender can be unattractive, and tend to find a home in a hidden cupboard, but the 625 is one you’d be proud to display on your countertop.

Build Quality and Design

The Blendtec Designer 625 has the great build quality of the rest of the models in Blendtec’s range. Most of these come with an eight-year warranty (see manufacturer site for more details), and the 625 is no exception, which is testament to the company’s belief in their products’ quality.

The plastic base can come in seven different colors (colors vary based on where you shop), and is lightweight enough that it can be moved around easily. However, this same low weight also means it can move around when blending, and other users have remarked that it should be supervised when in use. The entire machine is small enough to fit under your cabinets, and with such an attractive machine – one of Blendtec’s best designs – this one isn’t meant to be stored away anyway.

The 625 benefits from Blendtec’s flat push-button interface, which is both easy-to-use and aesthetically appealing. The interface also features a digital display that shows how much longer any of the pre-programmed cycles has to run. It is both hygienic and forward-thinking, and represents an improved design compared to competitor products.

The Wildside container is BPA-free plastic. It’s Blendtec’s patented five-sided design; the fifth side is supposed to prevent air pockets and other blockages that can emerge during blending, so that you don’t need to hover over the container with a tamper. The flat sides make it easier to scrape out the contents than in circular containers, so you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind.

There have been user reported issues with Blendtec’s Wildside container, in that users comment on its breaking easily over a few years’ use. While this would not ordinarily pose a problem in other brand blenders, Blendtec’s eight-year warranty seems to indicate that the containers should have higher build quality. The company appears to be good about honoring this warranty, so it should not be an impediment to buying this machine, but it is a build quality flaw that should be noted. This issue is likely just an anomaly as the majority of customers who are satisfied are unlikely to go online and complain.

As mentioned, Blendtec has dulled the blades of its higher-horsepower models, like the 625, to increase their thickness and strength and make them safer to handle. If you intend to clean this machine manually, or live in a house with children, this could be a massive benefit for you. These thicker blades are also said to be more durable than competitors’, which may give you peace of mind.

Power and Noisiness

The Blendtec Designer 625 has a 3-peak horsepower, much more powerful than most blenders on the market – even vs. Vitamix. As such, it is able to power through almost any substance imaginable, and can do so without taxing its capacity – meaning that the motor is unlikely to give out from overuse even with heavy demands placed upon it.

Because of this, the 625 is a loud machine. However, it is not considerably louder than its competitors, and could be considered a small price to pay for its massive processing power. Noisiness tends to come with the territory of any high powered blender you're going to buy.


The 625 is one of Blendtec’s most easy-to-use machines. It has a great flat push-button interface that is simple to understand and operate, as well as a touch-scale for six manual speed settings.

This model comes with four pre-programmed settings, which is great for models in this price range: smoothies, ice creams, whole juices, hot soups. These cycles allow you to add your ingredients to the container, press a button, and let the machine do the work of adjusting speed to create the perfect result.

The 625 also has a pulse setting, so you can specifically control the blending of the machine, as well as the six manual speed settings. It’s ideal for making any sort of blend; if you drink smoothies every morning and want the machine to automate the process, but want total control over your nut butters, this is an ideal machine for you.

Ease of Cleaning

The container of the 625, like most other blenders in this style, is not dishwasher-safe. Instead, Blendtec recommends adding soap and water to the container and running it to clean the container. Because of the shape of the container, this is known to be easier than in competitors’ models, where food can become stuck under the blades. The dullness of the blades is also an advantage when it comes to cleaning, as there is less chance of injury.

The interface is also easier to clean than other models of blender, as it has no nooks or crannies into which detritus can stick. It just needs to be wiped clean. However, we still recommend using the cleaning function quickly before food gets stuck on.

Is it Worth It?

The main benefit of the Blendtec Designer 625 when compared to blenders with similar specifications is its price. It is considerably lower-tier than most of its direct competitors in terms of the cost (*prices vary). If you’re on a budget, consider the 625 over similar blenders, as it does an excellent job for much less.

The 625 is still in the upper price range for blenders on the market – it is an expensive machine, no doubt about that – but its great performance, long warranty, impressive processing power and beautiful design seem to justify the price. Use the button below to check current Amazon prices:

How Does it Compare?

Blendtec 625 vs Blendtec Classic 575: Both the Blendtec Classic 575 and the 625 come with similar specs: both have 3-peak horsepower, the Wildside jar, four pre-programmed settings, and a range of color options. The 625, however, is the more premium model, and this is likely due to its improved design and the ironing out of some problems that otherwise have been user reported issues with the 575, including its lesser clean cycle.

While both machines have four pre-programmed settings, they are almost completely different: in the 575 they are smoothie, 60-seconds, 90-seconds, and clean, while on the 625 they are smoothie, ice cream, whole juice, and hot soup. In addition, the design elements of the 625 are considerably stronger and it features one more manual speed setting than the 575. So if you prefer specificity in your pre-programmed settings and improved design, the 625 may be more ideal for you; if these are less important, consider the 575.

Blendtec Designer 725 vs. Blendtec 625: The Blendtec Designer 725 is a step up in model from the 625, but also a step up in terms of specs: this model features a whopping 3.8-peak horsepower, greater than almost anything on the market, and a variable 100-speed that massively beats out the 625’s six-speed. It also comes with two additional pre-programmed settings to the 625, salsa and clean, both of which may be useful depending on your priorities.

The 725 can safely be recommended for anyone looking to splurge a little for a top-of-the-line machine, with its increased power and more specific controls, or for someone who plans on using their blender extensively and wants greater ease of use. The 625 is ideal for anyone who is happy with reduced settings for a lower tier blender, while still needing a powerful, reliable, attractive machine.

If you like your products to be top-of-the-range, you need look no further than the Vitamix Professional Series 750. This blender’s powerful engine, sleek design, noise-proofing case and easy-to-use functionality have led it to be described as the “gold standard” of the Vitamix range – so if you’re looking for the best of the best, read on. Or you can check out our full review of the 750 here.

The Vitamix 750 is Vitamix’s top-of-the-range home blender; it features a powerful engine, sleek design, noise-proofing case and easy-to-use-functionality. Compared to the 625, however, some of these features pale. The 625’s motor is stronger, at 3.8-peak horsepower compared to 2.2; its design is potentially more attractive (you decide!); and it is easier to use.

Whether or not its design is more attractive depends on whether you prefer the classic Vitamix style or the more digital Blendtec style, and the same goes for its ease of use; the 625 has push-buttons while the Vitamix 750 has old-school dials and switches. Which model you prefer depends on your design aesthetic and your loyalty to either brand - and of course, your budget.

All of these models are truly great choices and are blenders that are going to last you for years and years to come!

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