7 Best Vitamix Alternative Options: Top Picks & Reviews

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Best Vitamix Alternative Options

Anyone who knows a thing or two about blenders knows that Vitamix is one of the best brands you can get. Their high quality steel blades, powerful motor, and easy to clean design make them highly desirable.

There's just one catch: Vitamix blenders tend to be kind of costly. If you want a Vitamix blender, but don't want to have to pay the steep price, you might be looking for the best Vitamix alternative.

That's what we're here for. In this post, we'll show you the best Vitamix alternative options, so you can find a high quality blender that will make you perfect smoothies, dips, or sauces time after time.

Best Vitamix Alternatives

Oster Versa Blender | 1400 Watts | Stainless Steel Blade | Low Profile Jar | Perfect for Smoothies, Soups, Black

The Oster Versa Pro 1400-watt blender is a natural alternative. It's marketed as a "Performance Blender at a Fraction of the Price".

Oster very intentionally positions themselves as a cheaper alternative to a Vitamix. Their blender even looks similar and comes with a tamper.

Oster's advertising video below will help you understand what we mean:


  • Has a lengthy 7-year limited warranty, like Vitamix often provides.
  • Jars are inexpensive to replace.
  • Its low profile is great for storage under low-hanging kitchen cabinets.
  • Includes a tamper you can use to produce nut butters and smoothies of similar quality to a Vitamix.
  • Has a hot soup function that performs fairly well.


  • It has slightly less power that some Vitamix blenders, but a regular user probably won't notice this too much in the final product.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender - Fourside Jar (75 oz), Professional-Grade Power-6 Pre-Programmed Cycles-10-Speeds, Black

When thinking about alternatives for the Vitamix, one of the first brands that comes to mind is Blendtec.

Blendtec is known for blenders that have an immense amount of power. In some cases, they have even more power than a Vitamix! This makes them one of the best blenders like ever-popular Vitamix blenders.

The Blendtec Total Classic Countertop Blender is a great example of the high performance levels of this brand. It has several easy pre programmed buttons you can use to blend a variety of recipes. Furthermore, it has a powerful motor with 1560 watts of strengths that can handle virtually anything.


  • Thick stainless steel blades are about 80% thicker than the standard blender's.
  • The Blendtec Total Blender has the same standard 7-year warranty.
  • Has a powerful 1560-watt motor that can crush pretty much anything you need it to.
  • One of the greatest Vitamix alternative blender options out there today.
  • To save even more money, you can pick up a refurbished unit with a lesser warranty.
  • Like a Vitamix, it's capable of heating ingredients, like for making soups.
  • Easy to clean with a self-cleaning mode that just needs a little dish soap and hot water.


  • It's not as expensive as a Vitamix, but it can still be a little pricey.

 If you'd want to know more about it, you can read my Blendtec Total Blender review.

Nutri Ninja Personal Blender with 1000-Watt Auto-iQ Base to Extract Nutrients for Smoothies, Juices and Shakes and 18, 24, and 32-Ounce Cups (BL482)

If you don't have a large family and plan mostly on making simple things like smoothies, then the Nutri Ninja BL682 is a fantastic option. While it's obviously lacking in some of the functionality and power of a Vitamix, it still makes for a cheap alternative worthy of consideration.

Want to learn more about Ninjas? Compare all of the top options in our best Ninja blender guide.

Although far from the most powerful blender on the market today, it's still not exactly weak. A robust 1000-watt motor will have no problems making short work of just about anything you'd throw into a smoothie.

And if you don't want to make large batches, the personal-sized to-go cups will be more than enough to make filling drinks for yourself. On top of that, it's amazingly easy to clean. The blending jars are dishwasher-safe, so you can just pop them in your dishwasher when you're done blending.


  • Has a couple pre programmed settings, Blend and Ultra Blend, that help take some of the guesswork out of blending.
  • Includes two to-go cups with lids that allow you to take your smoothies on the road with you.
  • The blades are designed specifically to extract nutrients from your ingredients.
  • Generally available at an extremely affordable price.
  • Perfect model for doing simple blending jobs, such as smoothies.
  • Has a reasonably powerful 1000 watt motor.


  • Its warranty isn't quite as long as a Vitamix's, but it can be more budget-friendly to begin with.
  • Some customers have noted that the gasket can be a bit difficult to clean around.

Cleanblend Commercial Blender - 64 Oz Countertop Blender 1800 Watt Base - High Performance Ice Crusher - Large Smoothie Blender, Food Processor Frozen Fruit or Hot Soups

The Cleanblend might just be the most powerful alternative blender on this list. With a jaw-droppingly impressive 1800 watt motor, this model will have no issues blending just about anything you need it to.

Its motor can handle an amazing array of recipes, including nut butter, stubborn leafy greens in smoothies, dressings, or even frozen margaritas. In fact, with its settings, it can replace up to nine different kitchen appliances, because it's capable of crushing, blending, chopping, heating, processing, pureeing, or liquifying.

Part of this functionality comes from the blades. Like Vitamix blenders, this Cleanblend model has hardened stainless steel blades that are more than able to withstand the test of time.


  • Uses strong hardened stainless steel blades that are long-lasting and tough.
  • Has an amazingly powerful 1800 watt motor.
  • Large capacity jar can hold up to 64 ounces.
  • The variable speed dial gives you total control over the blender.
  • Has a rather long five-year warranty with the ability to purchase extra time.
  • Uses a similar control panel to a Vitamix and thus operates very similarly.


  • It's unfortunately a bit on the tall side, but the company does seem to be releasing lower-profile containers, which are sold separately.

Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook Hot Soups, Sauces and Dips Blender with 1400 Peak Watts to Crush Frozen Drinks & Smoothies Nonstick Glass Pitcher (HB152), 64 oz, Black

If you're looking for power, this Ninja Foodi blender is one excellent alternative option. Ninja is well known for making solid blenders, and this model demonstrates that reliability nicely.

For one thing, it has a vigorous 1400 watt motor that can blend with some of the best of them. It also has a tough glass blending jar, just like what you'd find with many Vitamix blenders.

New to blending? That's no problem, either, because this model has tons of pre programmed settings you can use. Some examples of the settings you'll be able to use would be smoothie, frozen drink, saute, sauce, and ice cream. You can bet it has the finesse to make a smooth, creamy nut butter, as well.


  • High performance blender with a lot of pre-programmed options to choose from.
  • There's a built-in heating element so you can warm up your foods.
  • Generally available at an affordable price.
  • Has a powerful 1400-watt motor that can handle most of your ingredients.
  • Includes a tamper to help you ensure that no pieces get left behind.
  • Has variable speed settings to give you more control.


  • Because the blender has electrical components, you can't completely submerge it in water to wash it.

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base, 72 Oz Total Crushing Pitcher and (2) 16 Oz Cups for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies (BL660), Gray

Another great blender is the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender. This is a great example of the best Ninjas available in the blender market, and it has the customer feedback to back its reputation up.

It has an 1100-watt motor, which may not be the strongest on this list. However, we feel it's still worth mentioning because of its huge 72-ounce jar capacity, its manual pulse function, and its included to-go cups.

Its stacked blade design can handle some of your most stubborn blends. Whether it's nuts, berry seeds, or slippery frozen fruit, this blender can take care of it all.


  • The attachments are made from dishwasher-safe and BPA-free material.
  • Its 1100-watt motor has the power to handle just about any ingredient you need it to.
  • Can make either large batches in its 72-ounce pitcher or small ones in its to-go cups.
  • Has five different blending programs: low, medium, high, pulse, and single-serve.
  • Stacked blade design reaches high up into your ingredients so no chunks are left behind.
  • Comes with a recipe inspiration guide to give you ideas.


  • There are some reports that it makes a lot of noise during use.

Oster BLSTMB Blender

Another great budget option is this Oster blender. In terms of motor power, it won't disappoint with its 1200-watt motor.

Beyond power, though, it has another design element that makes it a phenomenal choice. This blender uses Dual Blade Technology, which means its blade rotation goes both forwards and backwards. This allows foods to fall into the blades as it switches directions.

It also has a tough thermal shock-resistant glass jar. The jar is even dishwasher-safe, so you can just toss it in your dishwasher for an easy clean without worrying about the jar material breaking.


  • Has a vigorous 1200-watt motor.
  • Durable glass jar is resistant to thermal shock and dishwasher-safe.
  • Includes a pulse button to give you manual control over the blend texture.
  • Comes with a smoothie cup that you blend right into.


  • Some have reported that it can be a bit loud.

What To Consider When Buying a Blender That's an Alternative to a Vitamix

Let's be clear: the Vitamix is one of the top blenders on the market. You can't just take any old blender and put it up against a Vitamix. A Vitamix blender has earned its reputation as the best blender for a good reason.

To choose blenders that would actually be viable alternatives to a Vitamix (at a more modest price), we considered several different qualities:

  • Warranties
  • Motor Power
  • Quality Blades
  • Dimensions
  • Price

We'll explain what we looked at in more detail below.

Good Warranty Protection

One of the things that makes any blender one of the best Vitamix imitation options is the warranty backing it up. You don't want to invest in a blender, only to have it break down too soon - it would just leave you out the cash you spent to get it.

A solid warranty helps prevent that possibility. The warranty for each blender is typically provided by the manufacturer, and the amount of years or whether it's a limited warranty all vary. If you can't find this information in the product description, consider checking the manufacturer's site, too.

Motor Power

At the heart of all blenders is the motor. The motor is crucial to daily blender operation; it impacts how powerful the blender is, and therefore what kinds of ingredients it can blend.

For some background information, the power of a motor is typically measured in watts or horsepower. Blenders with more watts in them have a stronger motor. This means that they're more heavy duty and their increased power output will allow them to tear or slice through anything you need them to.

Vitamix blenders are usually some of the strongest ones on the market. This is in no small part due to the fact that they usually have high-end motors with excellent wattage. For that reason, the wattage of the motors is one of the things we considered as we looked at different blenders.

Quality Blades

Another thing that sets Vitamix blenders apart is the fact that they have amazingly well-designed blades. Look at just about any Vitamix, and you'll see claims about their blades being made from hardened stainless steel that's aircraft-quality.

Keep in mind that quality doesn't necessarily mean "sharp." In fact, many Vitamix blenders have blades are dull on purpose. Their blades rely on power instead, pulverizing rather than cutting, which preserves their long-term functionality.

For each of the alternative blenders on this list, blade design is something we considered. If you're looking for something that compares to a Vitamix blender, it's something you should be considering, too.


Many of the newer Vitamix blenders are specifically designed to fit underneath kitchen cabinets. This is so you don't have to struggle to find a place for a Vitamix blender in your home.

Truthfully, this is a small touch that won't necessarily change how you use the Vitamix blender. But it is something that customers appreciate nonetheless, and one thing that sets them apart as the best.

As we looked at each alternative option, we also factored in its profile in addition to its features. The best options should incorporate as many features from a Vitamix blender as possible, after all.


The thing that keeps many people from getting a Vitamix blender, even though they're usually the best on the market, is their steep price. Remember, each Vitamix blender is made from a combination of high end qualities: hardened stainless steel blades, large capacity pitchers, BPA-free tampers, and speed dial control that's unmatched by many other options available today.

Because price is the main aspect that repels people from Vitamix blenders, we knew price had to be the top consideration for any Vitamix alternative blender. We're not saying pricing is the only thing we factored in - far from it.

However, to make any of these options viable, they needed to combine many of the famous Vitamix features for a more modest price. While we would say price ranked at the top for our wishlist of qualities, we combined it with many others.

Another Option: Renewed Vitamix Models

If you still think a Vitamix blender is the greatest option for you, but you're wary of the price, another thing you could consider is buying a renewed Vitamix. Renewed products are those which have been used or the box has been opened.

Rest assured, though, that each renewed blender is inspected to be sure it works as well as if it were brand-new. The best part of it all is that a renewed Vitamix blender is typically offered at a lower price than a Vitamix that isn't.

We'll show you some examples of renewed Vitamix models below...

Vitamix 5300 Blender

Vitamix 5300 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black (Renewed)

The Vitamix 5300 blender is a classic Vitamix specimen. And because this model is renewed, it's can be purchased for a more affordable price.

It comes with all the features that Vitamix fans know and love. For starters, it has a manual speed control system that makes adjusting your blends easy.

At the top, there's also a low-profile (and still high capacity) blending jar that will comfortably fit under your cabinets. Inside the container, you'd find the blender comes with hardened stainless steel blades that are built to last for years.


  • Comes with a decent 5 year warranty that covers all replacement parts, performance, and labor issues.
  • Aircraft-grade hardened stainless steel blades that can move at a high speed and crush just about anything.
  • Manual control system that gives you complete power over each blend.
  • Made by the legendary and quality Vitamix blender brand.
  • Low-profile container will help preserve your kitchen space by fitting under any cabinet you need it to.
  • The cool-running motor keeps the blender from overheating during use.


  • Although it is renewed, some might still find the price tag to be too high.
  • Some reports say it can be a little loud during use.

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black (Renewed)

Here is another blender that exemplifies the amazing Vitamix workmanship at a reduced cost. The Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender is powerful and precise, fully deserving a spot in the contenders on this list.

It includes a digital timer that helps guarantee you'll make each recipe right time after time. The "smart" in the name comes from the fact that it can determine the size of the blending jar you're using, and automatically make adjustments to the blend time for you.

If you look down into the blending pitcher, you'll see the famous Vitamix container design. The sides angle inward, forcing your food into the blades so that everything is crushed. This blender could easily become a mainstay on your kitchen counter.


  • Has the blending capabilities to crush virtually anything you need it to, including stubborn veggies, berries, and fruits.
  • Uses intelligent self-detect technology that senses which container you're using, and adjusts blending times based on the size as a result.
  • Can clean itself - just put some dish soap and warm water in it, then run it at its highest speed for 60 seconds.
  • Angled blending pitcher forces all ingredients into the blades, leaving no chunks behind.
  • Can make thick shakes, juices, puree, or even your favorite desserts like ice cream.
  • Tough and long-lasting stainless steel blades that won't break down anytime soon.
  • Has a lengthy 5 year warranty.


  • Can be expensive.

Vitamix Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Red (Renewed)

The Vitamix Explorian blender is yet another classic Vitamix blender. You can be sure of its quality, given that it has been professionally inspected to ensure it works as if it were new.

It has the features that customers have come to demand from a Vitamix blender. Those features include a manual pulse control system that gives you the ability to customize blends, self-cleaning design, and a container made of durable BPA-free Eastman tritan.

Its 2.2 horsepower motor has the high power you need to crush all your ingredients. In the blender world, this is a star player and it's easy to see why.


  • Has the motor strength to crush ice, but the finesse to make more delicate recipes like salsa.
  • Manual controls on the base allow you to adjust the speeds whenever you need to.
  • Low-profile container can fit under your low-hanging cabinets, so you won't struggle to find room for it.
  • Has a three year warranty that you can rely on.
  • Standard hardened stainless steel blade design has a long life, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Capable of cleaning itself with a little soap and warm water.


  • For some, it can still be a little on the expensive side.
  • Some have reported that the pitcher can be tough to clean.

Frequently Asked Vitamix Alternative Blender Purchasing Questions

Is Ninja as Good as Vitamix?

A common question for anyone looking for a high-quality blender is whether or not Ninja is as good as Vitamix. That's a fair question; Ninja blenders are unique, powerful, and often significantly more affordable than their Vitamix counterparts.

All these features make a pretty desirable blender. So are they really comparable?

Frankly, we'd say that a Vitamix blender is in a class entirely its own. Each Vitamix blender raises the bar for any blender that comes after it.

However, we included some Ninja options on this list for a reason. There are some high-end Ninja blenders that could certainly offer you a level of power similar to a Vitamix blender.

What is Comparable to a Vitamix?

Another question you might have in your search for your next blender is if anything is comparable to a Vitamix blender.

There are alternative options out there. We wouldn't have been able to write this article if there weren't any options that are even slightly comparable.

To find a blender that's a viable alternative, look at the motor power, warranty, blade system, and dimensions. We used those factors to help us pick the blenders we included on this list.

A blender with a strong motor, quality blade system, long warranty, and low profile will be comparable to a Vitamix. A good example of a blender with these features would be any of the renewed Vitamix options we included, or even the Cleanblend Commercial Blender.

You could also consider the Blendtec Total Classic Countertop Blender as a strong and comparable contender. It has an impressive blade system that's 80% thicker than the average blender's, and a powerful motor.

Is a Vitamix Blender Worth the Price?

For many shoppers, the steep price of a Vitamix blender can be mind-boggling. You might look at it and catch yourself wondering what it does to justify the cost.

We would tell you that, if it's within your budget, a Vitamix blender is indeed worth the price for a few reasons. To start with, look at the specs of the average Vitamix.

They usually have a hardened steel blade system that's designed to last for years. In general, they also have high-power motors that can pulverize ingredients effortlessly. Their control panels usually give you total power over the texture of the blend, making them a fantastic pick for advanced blender users.

If that wasn't enough to convince you, then consider the fact that they're usually backed up by long-term warranties. With these warranties, you have the assurance that you can get help whenever something is wrong with the blender.

Wrap Up

A blender doesn't have to be something that breaks the bank - even if you're aiming for something like a Vitamix. With some research and patience, you can easily find comparable alternatives to a Vitamix blender that will offer you a similar versatility and power.

As you look at blenders, just remember to keep in mind the warranty, design of the blade system, dimensions, and the wattage. When all these factors come together, you'll end up with a blender that's a solid alternative to a Vitamix model.

So which is the best blender, in our opinion? It's hard for us to pick which blender is the best, but after some thought, we'd recommend the Blendtec Total Classic Countertop Blender. It has a fantastic blade design, high wattage, and a long 7-year warranty.

If you're wondering which blender is best on an even tighter budget than the Blendtec allows for, we'd suggest the Oster Versa Blender. Like the average Vitamix, it has a long warranty. It also has an impressive 1400 watts, as well as a tough BPA-free titan jar.

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