Best Quiet Blender for Smoothies (8 Solid Options)

Looking for the best quiet blender for smoothies? In this guide, you'll find 8 of the quietest blender options on the market that you can make smoothies with quickly and easily.

Let's check them out.

Why Are These The Best Quiet Blenders for Smoothies?

  • Removable noise shield that will dampen the noise from the blender, but also can be easily taken off and cleaned
  • A jar that is designed to help muffle the sounds of ice being crushed and hitting the inside of the jar
  • Powerful motor that quickly gets to speed to decrease the amount of time that the blender is running
  • Strong blades that will chop through ice quickly so that the blender can be used for shorter periods of time
  • Quiet fan design will help to decrease noise created by the blender
  • Motor enclosure prevents the loud sound of the motor running from bothering you

Best Quiet Blender for Smoothies Options

1. Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield Blender

Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz BPA-free Jar & 4 Programs, Silver (58870)

Complete with both pre programmed settings, as well as a variable control to adjust the speed of your blender, it’s easy to see why this blender can quickly power through anything that you want to blend for your smoothie.

The lid is designed so that you can fit the tamper through it in case anything gets stuck while trying to use the blender, and the removable quiet shield has been specifically designed to decrease the amount of noise that you hear when you are using this blender.

Thanks to the hardened stainless steel blades, you don’t have to run the blender very long to power through ingredients.

See how quiet it is in this sound test video...


  • Quiet shield is easy to remove and replace
  • The 32-ounce jar is BPA free and shatterproof
  • Enjoy one touch cleaning or put the parts in the dishwasher


  • There are reports of some users experiencing cracks in the blender jar when blending drinks
  • Some users report that the higher speed settings result in very loud operation

2. Jamba Quiet Shield Blender

Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz Jar, Gray (58915)

The sound enclosure on this blender from Jamba will not only serve to greatly dampen the amount of noise that is created when you are making a smoothie, but is also incredibly easy to clean, which prevents food from drying on the inside of the jar.

The powerful motor isn’t as strong as others on the option, but is able to quickly blend ice cubes, frozen fruits, and even tough and fibrous vegetables without many problems. 

Unlike some blenders that have a sound enclosure, this blender is designed so that it will fit easily underneath your cupboards, which prevents you from devoting too much space on your countertop to the appliance.

This demonstration gives you a great idea of just how quiet it is with and without the sound shield...


  • The shatterproof jar is designed to withstand not only ice in smoothies, but also being dropped or hit on the counter
  • Strong enough to crush ice
  • The noise shield has a handle, making it easy to lift and remove


  • Some users report that it is very difficult to get a completely smooth smoothie with this blender
  • There are reports of users finding it difficult to lift the actual blending jar, as it does not come with a handle, which makes it harder to control

3. Vitamix Quiet One

Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender 48 oz Black

If you make a lot of smoothies and want to be able to replicate the velvety feel of smoothies that you buy in restaurants or cafes, then you will want to opt for this commercial blender, as it can easily blend anything that you want, produce a quality smoothie quickly, and will do it all without waking anyone else in the house.

Thanks to the six presets, the speed control, and the ability to pulse, you can easily create the smoothest and most delicious smoothies you’ve ever made at home without having to worry about how loud it will be or whether or not you will be able to completely blend your ingredients.

The following Quiet One demonstration lets you hear how much the sound gets muffled when in use...


  • One of the most powerful blenders on the market, but is still incredibly quiet
  • The sound shield prevents the blender from being a nuisance when it is running
  • Has multiple functions, allowing it to replace other equipment in your kitchen


  • There are some users who struggle with paying this much money for a blender
  • Some reports state that the blade assembly will shed Teflon when the blender is running

4. Hamilton Beach SoundShield Blender

Hamilton Beach 53600 SoundShield Blender, 950 Watts, 3-Speed, with Pulse, Blends Food and Drinks, Stainless Steel Blades, 52 oz. Glass Jar, BPA-Free

The three speed controls, pulse function, and sensor included in the motor will all work together to allow you to quickly and easily customize the blending that you do with this blender.

There are a few ways that Hamilton Beach has worked hard to make this blender one of the quietest on the market. 

Not only does it have a sound shield to reduce the noise made by ice and other frozen ingredients getting blended, but it also has muffled chambers in the blender to help cut down on sound transfer. This means that you can be certain that you will be able to run this blender without bothering everyone in your home.


  • The hinged sound shield is very easy to open, allowing you fast access to the blender jar
  • Stainless steel blades are designed specifically to cut through hard ingredients without wearing out or being damaged
  • Sound shield can be removed if you need to blend in batches and aren’t worried about the noise level


  • Some users report that the blender struggles to incorporate all food, causing them to have to use a tamper
  • There are reports of powerful fumes being emitted when the blender is in use

5. Breville Hemisphere 800BLXL with Quiet Motor

Breville 800BLXL Die-Cast Hemisphere 2-Speed Blender with 67-Ounce Polycarbonate Jar

Unlike other blenders that rely on a sound shield to help to decrease the level of noise that is created when you are blending a smoothie, this blender from Breville is specifically designed to be quieter, thanks to changes to the motor.

The motor itself has reduced friction, which is what helps to create a much quieter blending experience and prevents the blender from being too loud.

Additionally, this blender boasts a 67-ounce jar, which is one of the largest jars available. It can have such a large jar because there is no sound shield that has to fit over it, allowing you to make huge batches of smoothies if you want.


  • The shape of the blade is designed to hug the bowl for fast and thorough blending
  • The pitcher is made of polycarbonate and will resist cracking and fogging
  • Streamlined buttons make it easy to operate without having to worry about learning a lot of preset functions


  • Some users report that overfilling the jar can cause the lid to blow
  • There are reports of the motor overheating if the jar is too full or the product to be blended is too thick

6. New Age Living Quiet Series Blender

New Age Living Quiet Series 3.5HP Smoothie Blender – 68oz BPA-Free Unbreakable Tritan Jar – Perfectly Blends Frozen Fruits, Vegetables, Ice – Make the Perfect Smoothies at Home with Less Noise - Bla

The built-in sound shield and powerful motor work together to allow you to quickly and quietly blend the best smoothies without hurting your ears.

Thanks to the safety breaker, you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your new blender when it is in use, which is a problem that some people have when trying to blend very thick smoothies. 

With a 5-year manufacturer warranty, you won’t have to worry about damage done to the blender or whether or not it will last.

Additionally, rely on the 5-minute timer to set the blender and forget it for a truly hands-off experience.


  • Jar is made of unbreakable plastic
  • Enjoy up to 40% less noise thanks to the quiet shield
  • The stainless steel blades are designed to last without needing to be replaced


  • Some users have struggled with frozen ingredients getting stuck under the blades when making smoothies
  • There are reports of users being frustrated with the large size and space that it takes up on the counter

7. Blendtec Pro 800 with Sealed Sound Enclosure

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with WildSide+ Jar (90 oz), Sealed Sound Enclosure, Industries Strongest and Quietest Professional-Grade Power, 11-Speed Touch Slider, Self-Cleaning, Black

Blendtec boasts that this blender is the “world’s quietest blender,” thanks to its quiet shield. The sleek sound enclosure is easy to lift and drop and not only dampens sound, but also makes the blender look sleek and professional.

Thanks to the illuminated display, you will be able to easily track how much more time you have to wait until your smoothie is finished, and with pre programmed settings, it’s easy to select the “smoothie” button and then walk away.

If you do want more control, then you can use the 11-speed slider and the pulse to custom make the smoothie of your dreams.


  • Jar is designed to help keep smoothie ingredients moving towards the blade
  • Cleanup is fast and easy


  • Some users struggle with an air pocket forming above the blades when blending
  • There are reports of users having problems with the touchpad responding to them

8. Black+Decker PowerCrush Quiet Blender

BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Digital Quiet Blender, New Quiet Technology, BL1300DG-P

Not only is this blender significantly quieter than other blenders that do not have a sound shield, but it is very easy to operate, the jar is high-quality and can withstand being dropped, and the pre programmed features make blending your next smoothie faster and easier than ever before.

Cleaning the jar, while not as easy as other blenders, is a breeze, and the blender can be quickly rinsed out and left to dry before you need it again. 

The “smoothie” cycle on this blender is able to produce near-perfect results thanks to the different speeds that it pulses through, while it perfectly blends your drink every time.

Here's a demo (if you're going for really quiet - get a sound shield model)...


  • Incredibly easy to operate
  • Pour spout on lid makes serving smoothies fast and easy


  • There are some reports of the lid being difficult to clean
  • Some users report problems with blending thicker smoothies

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