Best Can Opener for Large Cans 2018 (New, Convenient & Affordable)

Whether you're cooking in bulk at home or running a commercial operation that opens a lot of big cans, the right large can opener is essential

Having one that breaks or doesn't open things properly can be extremely frustrating.

That's why we put together this guide.

Below you'll find the best large can openers for your home or for industrial use.

best can opener for large cans

Considering Your Speed Requirements & Storage

If you're just someone cooking in their house, it is unlikely that can speed per minute or per hour is going to be important. Also, you're likely to have limited storage space, so some of the real heavy duty commercial can openers are probably going to be off the table. Odds are you're just looking for a simple and sleek can openers to do the job without you having to exert much effort.

Best Large Can Openers for the Home

For home can opener use, we've chosen all models that are easy to store in any kitchen drawer. This gives home users the flexibility and doesn't crowd up their counter-top with latch on can openers. As a bonus, many of these can openers are great for people with arthritis.

Amco 6090 Swing-A-Way

Swing-A-Way Easy-Crank Can Opener, Black


The Amco 6090 Swing-A-Way can opener is the perfect option for someone who wants something that can do big jobs but is also small and sleek. The best part about this can opener is how versatile it is. It can be used for large #10 cans, but also for small 16 oz cans. Yes, the crank does make it bigger than your standard can opener, but its a requirement for the extra leverage.

Balfan Manual Can Opener

Baflan Manual Heavy Duty Restaurant Can Opener, Black. Made in USA


If the swing-style can opener isn't for you, then the next best option for heavy duty cans is a top of the line standard can opener. The Baflan Can Opener is made in the USA and has a 10 year warranty. This means it isn't going to even compare to a flimsy grocery-store can opener. It is zinc-plated which means that its going to not rust and have minimal friction.

Granted, you aren't going to have as much leverage as with the swing model, but it is a bit less bulky and easier to travel with.​

Edlund 12100 Old Reliable

Edlund 12100 Old Reliable #2 Manual Can Opener with Plated Steel Base


While Edlund is known for making heavy duty commercial can openers, we selected this one as a potential for use in the home - although it is indeed an industrial model. Given the design of the unit, you're going to get the most leverage compared to the others which means easier and faster opening.

Keep in mind that you'll need a stable surface to mount it on and won't be able to quickly remove it. If you have a kitchen that can accommodate and don't mind having it in plain view at all times then this is a great pick up!

Of course, if you're looking for something industrial, this is also going to be a great pick.

Best Large Heavy Duty Industrial Can Openers

When you're in a strict industrial setting where time is of the essence, we have selected several heavy duty can openers that are designed to for speed and efficiency.

Commercial can openers come in two main styles, manual and electric.​ The manual ones typically have to be mounted to a counter-top or some other surface. Once its in position, you can adjust the height, insert the can, and proceed to opening. The video below illustrates how typical manual models work:

Commercial electric can openers are going to be a major upgrade, but typically aren't as budget friendly as the manual style. However, the good ones are really quick and efficient and could potentially save hours per week in a commercial setting. Typically, you simply insert the can, pull a lever to pierce it, and let the machine do the rest of the work for you. The video below illustrates this in a visual format:

The video above features the Edlund 270 which represents the best of the best of the best in electric commercial can opening, and thus it was our top pick below:

Edlund 270 Two-Speed Tabletop Heavy-Duty Electric Can Opener

Edlund 270 Two-Speed Tabletop Heavy-Duty Electric Can Opener - 115V


The reason that this industrial can opener stands out from the rest is because of its ability to open 5-8 cans per minute while being very stable and extremely easy to use. 

It has a heavier gauge and easier to move handle compared to the rest of the units on this list, but it's also the top-tier model meaning that it could potentially be a major investment.

The Edlund 270 has two speeds which means that its good for large and small cans. The faster setting is used for big ones and the smaller setting for small ones. The recommended volume for the unit is 200 cans per day.

If you want the best of the best, this is the one to go for.

Edlund 203 Two-Speed Tabletop Electric Can Opener

Edlund 203 Two-Speed Tabletop Electric Can Opener - 115V


The Edlund 203 is the middle of the road option for heavy duty industrial can openers. It has the dual speed options meaning that it can do large and small cans.

According to the manufacturer, the 203 does everything that the 270 does, but the 270 has a heavier gauge, an easier to move handle, and is overall the pinnacle of can opener engineering. 

That doesn't mean that the 203 should be scoffed at as it is still made to open 75 cans on a daily basis!

Edlund 266 Single Speed S/S Electric Can Opener

Electric Can Opener


The Edlund 266 is similar to the 203, but has a few more limitations.

Because it only has one speed, that means its going to be difficult to open smaller sized cans. The speed that the unit moves at simply isn't designed to do so.

Speed wise, its designed to do 4-7 cans per minute and conservatively 50 cans daily.​

Overall, we'd​ recommend the 203 due to its increased versatility. You never know when you're going to want to open a small can!

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