NuWave Air Fryer Review

If you’re cooking for a couple and you’d like an air fryer model that’s digital and dishwasher-safe, the Deluxe Air Fryer is an excellent offering from Nu Wave. Designed to fry just about anything, and with a handy pre-heat setting, this machine can help you make your guilty indulgences just a little bit healthier.

Reviewed Air Fryer: Nu Wave Deluxe Air Fryer

NuWave 36001 Brio Air Fryer, Black

Build Quality




Ease of Cleaning


Ease of Use





  • 3.5-quart capacity
  • Variable temperature control
  • Pre-heat setting
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Digital display
  • One-year warranty


  • One color option that we could find
  • No pre-programmed settings

Key Features

This model is a fairly standard air fryer – both in terms of design and functionality. If you’re attracted to the classic air fryer design and size, it’s a great option for you.

It’s on the smaller side of the air fryer market, at 3.5 quarts, so it’s better for cooking smaller servings or for fewer people than other air fryers on the market. This size of air fryer is designed for 2-3 people; so if you’re cooking for substantially more than that, it would be worth investing in a larger model instead. It’s hard to find models smaller, however, so if you’re cooking for fewer than 2-3 then this is still a great pick for you.

It has variable temperature control from 100-390°F, which is wider than most air fryers on the market, especially in the low end. If you’re planning on slow-frying things at lower temperatures for longer – such as if you want to cook the perfect baked potatoes in your machine – then this is a great addition. Having a greater variable temperature range opens up the ability to cook more things in your machine, and makes it more likely that you’ll be able to follow a given recipe to perfection.

The parts of this machine are dishwasher-safe, which makes it super easy to clean. It also is sleek enough, with a digital display, to make it easy to wipe the exterior. This digital display is also a great feature in terms of functionality – it’s easier to be specific when setting temperature and timer controls with a digital display, and it makes the fryer look more attractive, too.

This model comes with a one-year warranty, which is roughly standard for air fryers on the market today.

crispy air fryer potatoes

Get crispy, salty fries - with a fraction of the oil.

Design and build quality

This model has an average design, aesthetically; it’s not something that’s particularly attractive, but nor is it something you’d want to hide out of sight. It has a digital display, rather than an analog one, which is useful for setting temperature and time; however, this display is quite large and takes up most of the front of the machine. This is a classic air fryer shape, with a fryer basket that is removed from the front of the machine. It doesn’t have any transparent parts, so to check on the state of your food you must remove the entire basket and look inside; but this is standard for most air fryer models on the market.

It comes in only one color (that we could find) – black and silver – so if you’re into black kitchen appliances, it’s a good choice for you.

This model has a smaller 3.5-quart capacity, which is enough to make food for a smaller family. It should make 2-3 servings, so it’s useful if you’re making lots of side dishes. It does not, however, come with a food separator, so everything will cook together in the same container – if you’re making multiple types of food at once, they will have to cook together.

If you're looking for a bigger air fryer, the Farberware might be a good choice.​

Ease of use

As a digital model, this machine is easier to use than many analog models. It’s easy to set the temperature and time settings with a digital display and buttons, and it allows you greater specificity in setting them than you can gain from turning dials.

This model does not come with any pre-programmed settings, which many other higher-tier air fryers on the market do have these days. It’s not something that’s essential for the using of an air fryer, but it does make it a lot easier, especially if you’re making the same thing over and over (like if you're obsessed with these crispy sweet potato fries). This model is unique, however, in that it offers a pre-heat setting; so you can press that button and let the machine heat itself up without having to keep an eye on it.

When it comes to actual use, it’s as easy as any other air fryer; you just need to load your food, choose the temperature and the time, and let the machine do its work, checking on it every so often.


This machine is dishwasher-safe, so it’s easy to throw the basket into the dishwasher after you’re done and move on. The machine is very sleek and flat, too, so you can easily wipe it down if it gets dirty – as opposed to other models, where large dials and surface areas can attract dirt and grime.

The BLACK+DECKER Air Fryer is another air fryer model that has similar specs to the Nu Wave. Both have a wide variable temperature control range, both have dishwasher-safe parts, and both can be found in black (although the BLACK+DECKER is also manufactured in white). Neither have any pre-programmed settings, although the NuWave does come with a pre-heat setting that makes it easier to get going.

The BLACK+DECKER is a somewhat simpler device, though. It’s analog, so it must be controlled by using two large dials on its front rather than push-buttons and a digital display. It has a smaller capacity, at 2L, so it’s ideal if you’re looking for one of the smaller machines on the market. It also has a two-year warranty (learn more about the warranty and specs here), which is one of the longest on the air fryer market and could be seen to represent greater build quality than the NuWave model – although this is by no means an exact rule.

If you’d like a digital model, go for the NuWave; if you’re only cooking for one or two people and want a longer warranty, the BLACK+DECKER is a better pick.

The GoWISE 2nd Generation Electric Digital Air Fryer is a model that’s very similar to the NuWave for a couple of reasons. It’s a similar size, at 2.75-quart capacity, and it also has both variable temperature control and dishwasher-safe parts. Neither has any pre-programmed settings, and both have digital displays that make it both easier to use and easier to clean.

The GoWISE, however, comes from a more established air fryer brand – GoWISE produces a lot of air fryers that are known to be of great quality. It has a one-year warranty and is also manufactured in three colors: black, red, and white. As a result, it’s probably a better pick than the NuWave, which only has one advantage: its pre-heat setting, which makes it marginally easier to use.

Philips, like GoWISE, is another brand that’s well known in the air fryer world. Philips created one of the first air fryers – the Viva – and started a new type of kitchen appliance. This model, the Viva Digital, is a digital version of that first pioneer – and like the GoWISE it’s very similar to the NuWave.

Both models have smaller capacities; the Philips has a 1.75lb capacity, which the brand describes as roughly the size of a bag of frozen fries. Both have variable temperature control, and both can only be purchased in one color: black. Both have dishwasher-safe parts and digital interfaces.

However, the Philips has a few advantages over the NuWave. It has a touchscreen interface, rather than buttons. It comes with double layer rack so that you can separate different foods while they’re cooking. It also comes with a recipe book for inspiration, and access to a free app that has over 150 recipes available. This may not matter that much to you as there are tons of air fryer recipes already available online.

That being said, when it comes time to make your final decision, you're going to have to weigh these additional benefits with the final unit prices. 

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