Big Boss Oil Less Air Fryer Review | Compare vs. Farberware, Philips, & Power Air XL

Cooking for an army? Want to be able to see what you’re doing while you’re frying? Desperate for an all-purple kitchen? Well, come on up. The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is perfect for you if you’d like a large-capacity, effective cooking machine with a great range of temperature options and a host of different colors. If you’re looking for something a little different from the rest of the air fryers on the market, this is a model for you.

Reviewed Fryer: Big Boss Air Fryer

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, 16 Quart, 1300 watt, Black

Build Quality




Ease of Cleaning


Ease of Use




Other Options Available:

This model also comes in blue, copper, purple, red, and white.


  • 16-quart capacity
  • Variable temperature control
  • Six color options
  • 60-minute timer
  • Two trays


  • No pre-programmed settings

Key Features

The Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer has a lot of features that set it apart from the competition; it’s a very different model in many ways from any other air fryer out there. As a result, it’s better for a specific kind of person, one who isn’t attracted to the classic air fryer design.

The most apparent difference between this model and many others is the capacity. The Big Boss has a whopping 16-quart capacity, which is substantially larger than virtually every other model on the market. If you’re finding the other models a little small – whether you’re going to be cooking for a crowd or you’re sick of your food jostling together when cooking, and so not cooking perfectly – this is a great option for you.

crispy fries air boss air fryer

Fries are easy to make healthy with an air fryer.

There are other design elements to this machine that make it super efficient at what it does. It comes with two trays that you can stack on top of one another to cook two types of food at the same time, which can save you time and allow you to make two different parts of a meal at once. It also has a glass lid, something that isn’t shared by many front-loading air fryers, so that you can see your food while it’s cooking instead of having to pause the machine to look.

The Big Boss also advertises ‘triple cooking power’. It’s said to use halogen, convection, and infrared heat to cook the food perfectly in three different ways; convection circulates air quicker for faster cooking, infrared cooks food from the inside out, and halogen heats the food surface for browning, roasting, and flavor. Whether or not this has any actionable effect on the cooking process is up for debate, but it sure sounds good.

You have a wide range of variable temperature with this device; it goes over 450°F, which is hotter than most air fryers go, and as a result can cook more things than many of them can. This is very useful if you’re planning to flash-fry something, or you need a blast of heat to seal the outside of something before cooking it longer and slower, but you don’t want to use oil.

Finally, this model comes in six different colors – some of the most on the market. This makes it super easy to integrate it into your home, or to buy a specific color as a gift for someone with specific tastes. These six colors – black, blue, grey, purple, red, and white – also can be found at different prices, so if you’re not fussy on aesthetics you can likely find a lesser price on a different color.

Big Boss Design and Build Quality

The design of this model is quite different to most other air fryers on the market. While many of them are largely upright, with a fryer basket that can be pulled out of the front of the machine, the Big Boss is a much flatter fryer with a lift-off glass lid.

This has numerous benefits over the traditional models. One is that the Big Boss is capable of holding much more food than the other models – 16 quarts, to be exact, which is one of the biggest on the market. It also means that the surface area of the frying basket is increased, so there’s greater likelihood of food being exposed to the circulating air and less chance of it being trapped underneath other foods. It also makes it very easy to access your food; the glass lid makes it easy to see exactly what’s happening in the frying basket, and you can quickly just take the lid off to adjust anything.

However, because of these features this model is also very large when it comes to countertop space. It’s less likely than the other air fryer models on the market to slot into the corner of your kitchen, and because it’s less attractive than many of them it’s less likely that you’ll want to keep it on display.

However, it should be noted that this model comes in six different colors, which is some of the most of any air fryer on the market. These colors are black, blue, grey, purple, red, and white. As a result, it’s much easier to fit this into your kitchen if you have a specific color scheme than many other models; and, since some colors are typically more affordable than others, it means you might be able to net yourself a bargain too.

Big Boss Ease of Use

This model is an analog machine, which means that it doesn’t have a digital display. Instead, like most other analog models, you change the temperature and timer by turning the dials on the top and front of the machine. This isn’t as useful as a digital interface in some ways, because it gives you much less specificity – important for recipes when you have to be very rigorous with your temperature. However, if you don’t mind an analog interface then this isn’t a massive drawback.

Because this model comes with two trays, it’s easier to use than something that may only have one frying basket. You can cook multiple foods in this machine at the same time without them ever coming into contact with one another; so if you want to cook air-fried kale crisps and regular potato crisps at the same time, you can, but be sure to cook the potatoes slow as to not burn the kale!

air fryer kale chips

If you love kale chips, they're even easier in an air fryer.

The timer on this model is 60 minutes, which is longer than most other air fryers on the market, and is useful if you’re cooking things for longer; your machine won’t automatically cut off after 30 minutes.

Cleaning the Big Boss

This machine is not advertised as being dishwasher-safe, so it’s likely that it will need to be washed manually. Depending on how many parts need to be washed, this might be an issue for you. The big glass portion likely is dishwasher safe, but it would be super obstructive to fit inside the dishwasher, so it is better to be cleaned manually.

Comparing the Big Boss to Other Models

The Farberware Air Fryer is a more classically-designed air fryer, with a standard pull-out fryer basket and much smaller capacity. It has a 30-minute timer, which is half the time of the Big Boss, and a much narrowed temperature range. Instead of six different color options, the Farberware can only be found in one as far as we could tell: black and silver. It’s hailed as being dishwasher-safe and shouldn't have any trouble fitting, which could be a massive advantage for you.

If you’re interested in a more conventional air fryer model, with a smaller countertop footprint, a smaller capacity, and dishwasher-safe parts, the Farberware is a better option for you than the Big Boss. However, if you’d like a larger-capacity machine that you can look inside while it’s cooking, with a bunch of different colors, a longer timer and a greater range of temperatures, stick with the Big Boss.

The Philips Avance XL Airfryer is a great offering from Philips, with a different range of specs that make it suitable for a very different kind of consumer to the Big Boss. Although it’s marketed as being XL, it’s nowhere near as large as the Big Boss, with only a 2.65lb capacity (although this does, admittedly, outstrip most air fryers on the market). It’s a very powerful machine, with an advertised 2100W motor (found here) that is much stronger than many on the market. It has dishwasher-safe parts and comes with a one-year warranty.

Both models have color options; but while the Big Boss has six, the Philips only comes in black and white (availability may vary). Both are advertised as having patented cooking systems; the Big Boss has three types of heating power, while the Philips’ special starfish design is supposed to circulate air better than other models of air fryer, leading to more even cooking. Neither model has pre-programmed settings, although the Philips does have a digital display, which is likely to make it both easier to use and easier to clean.

If you’re attracted to a standard air fryer design, and would like a digital display, a recipe book, and dishwasher-safe parts, the Philips is an excellent option on the market right now. If you’d like a substantially bigger machine, with more color options and a different design, the Big Boss is a better pick for you.

The Power AirFryer XL is another excellent air fryer on the market right now. It’s different from the Big Boss in many conventional ways. It has a smaller capacity – its larger model is 5.3 quarts compared to the Big Boss’s massive 16 quarts – and its variable temperature control only reaches 400°F instead of the Big Boss’s 450°F. It only has two color options – black and red – where the Big Boss has six.

However, it also differs in new ways. It comes with pre-programmed settings, which was an innovation introduced later in the development of air fryers that allows them to set their own temperature and timer settings with the push of a button. If you’re planning on cooking the same thing over and over, it’s a great idea to invest in something that’ll take all the work out of the process.

It only has a 60-day warranty, which is very short compared to most models on the market. It also has a digital interface, which the Big Boss does not have and which is likely to make it easier to use. Both models have advertised special cooking technology; the Big Boss’s is the aforementioned triple cooking system, while the Power AirFryer XL advertises a ‘rapid air technology’ that means you can roast, bake, steam, saute, and grill all in the same machine.

If you’re after a more moderately-sized machine, with pre-programmed settings to make things really easy and a digital display to make them even easier, the Power AirFryer XL may be a better option for you than the all-analog Big Boss. However, the design isn’t as useful – it doesn’t have a transparent cooking basket, for instance, so you can’t see how it’s cooking without pulling it out – and it’s not nearly as big, so your food is likely to jumble together more than in the Big Boss.

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