Where to Buy Nori Sheets and Find Them in the Grocery Store

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Nori sheets on a plate with chopsticks and a bamboo mat.

Trying to figure out where they keep the nori sheets in the grocery store? We'll show you which aisles you can find them in...

We'll also tell you which stores typically carry them. First, however, we'll share our favorite nori sheets to buy online in the table below...

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Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Nori Sheets In?

Usually, you'll see nori sheets in the international aisle. Look on the shelves with Asian products—they'll probably be with other types of seaweed like dulse and wakame.

Some stores keep nori sheets in the snack aisles with dried fruit and vegetable products. You may also see them in natural food and gluten-free sections.

If you haven't been able to find nori sheets, check one of the stores listed below...

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What Stores Sell Nori Sheets?

  • Amazon - The most convenient way to buy nori sheets might be through Amazon. You can browse vendor inventories and often find deals on bulk purchases.
  • Walmart - Walmart sells nori online and in the stores. Check product availability with the store locator on Walmart's website.
  • Your Local Health Food Store - Health food stores are generally known to carry nori sheets as well as a good array of seaweed types.
  • Whole Foods - If you stop at Whole Foods, you'll find nori sheets from Eden or Emerald Cove in the aisle with Asian products.
  • Safeway - Safeway sells Ocean's Halo, Hime and Blue Dragon nori sheets in either the international aisle or the snack aisle.
  • Kroger - Look in the international aisle for several brands of nori sheets in Kroger stores.
  • Wegmans - Live near a Wegmans? Look in the Asian products for nori sheets.
  • Publix - Publix sells nori sheets from Sushi Chef and GimMe Organic.
  • Asian Markets - You're very likely to find nori sheets at your local Asian market.

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Great Ways to Use Nori Sheets

Make Vegan Sushi

This is probably the most obvious thing to do with nori sheets, but it's worth mentioning that you can get really creative with the fillings. This video will inspire you with chickpea and avocado dip hand rolls. You'll get some helpful tips for other delicious fillings in the video, too.

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Make Toasted Seaweed Snacks

Buying roasted seaweed snacks in the grocery store is always an option, but it can be more rewarding to make them fresh in your kitchen. Then you can experiment with different flavored oils and seasonings, like nutritional yeast for "cheesy" seaweed snacks.

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Make Mock Tuna Salad

Seaweed is a necessary flavor in mock tuna salad. Several different types of seaweed will do the job, but nori tends to be one of the favorites. Plus, if all you can find in the store is a package of nori flakes, they'll work perfectly in this kind of recipe.

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