Where to Buy Lemongrass & Find it in the Grocery Store

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What Stores Sell Lemongrass?

  • Amazon - Amazon lets you skip a time-consuming physical search. You can get fresh lemongrass as well as dried lemongrass in bulk. Shop around for bulk deals to save some money.
  • Walmart - You may be able to pick up either dried lemongrass or lemongrass paste at Walmart. Use the store locator on the company website to determine what's available in stores and online.
  • Your Local Health Food Store - Very often, independent health food stores sell lemongrass stalks. If not, you should be able to get dried lemongrass.
  • Whole Foods - Whole Foods is a pretty sure bet. This store sells fresh lemongrass in the produce section.
  • Safeway - If there are no lemongrass stalks at Safeway, look for Gourmet Garden Lemongrass Stir-in Paste.
  • Kroger - Kroger stores typically carry fresh lemongrass as well as lemongrass paste.
  • Publix - At Publix, you'll see lemongrass paste, if not the stalks.
  • Wegmans - Wegmans has both of these options.
  • Vons - You can stop by a Vons supermarket for these options, too.
  • Asian Markets - Asian markets should definitely have lemongrass stalks. 

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