Where to Buy Red Miso Paste in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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Where to Buy Red Miso Paste in the Grocery Store

Are you struggling to find red miso paste in your grocery store? It can be a little confusing sometimes to find international ingredients.

We’ll tell you which aisles to look in, as well as what stores carry it in general. Keep reading to find out more about purchasing red miso paste.

Which Grocery Store aisle is Red Miso Paste in?

Where red miso paste is located depends mostly on what type of store you’re shopping in. In large chain grocery stores, you’re likely to find it near where the tofu is kept. You can find this area in the produce section.

Not seeing it there? Check the natural or health foods aisle next.

If you’re in a smaller health foods store, you’ll likely find it in the refrigerated section.

Want to purchase some white miso? We’ve written about where to find white miso in the grocery store, too.

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Great Ways to Use Red Miso Paste

If you’re giving red miso paste a try, you might as well attempt a traditional Japanese dish: ramen. This salty, savory soup is perfect for when you just need a little comfort food. Plus, it’s always fun to slurp up the noodles!

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Miso soup is another Japanese recipe that’s particularly comforting. As noted in the above video, it’s excellent for when you’re feeling under the weather. Light, warm, and refreshing, you’ll feel quite a bit better after sipping on it.

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Not in the mood for soup? No worries – you can always try out a delicious noodle salad recipe, like this one. 

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