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best can opener for large cans

Best Can Opener for Large Cans | Home and Commercial Use

Whether you’re cooking in bulk at home or running a commercial operation that opens a lot of big cans, the right large can opener is essential. While many overlook the frustration having the wrong can opener brings, improving on the process is critical to both your time management and your sanity.Unfortunately, its quite difficult to find […]

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enameled cast iron vs cast iron

Enameled Cast Iron vs. Cast Iron Cookware | How to Choose

If you’re in the market for a piece of cast iron cookware, such as a skillet, you may have stumbled across something called Enameled Cast Iron. These variations on the classic cast-iron cookware come with their pros and cons. Choosing which one is going to be a better fit is going to greatly depend on […]

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vegan cereal brands

The Best Vegan Cereal Brands (List of 40 Awesome Vegan Cereals!)

You may be wondering if transitioning to veganism means that you’ll have to give up your favorite cereals. The good news is that most cereals on the market are vegan, even some that you might not expect! We’ve divided up some of the best vegan cereal brands by their categories, so no matter what your preferences are, […]

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yonanas review and comparison

Yonanas Review and Comparison | Yonanas Classic vs. Yonanas Elite vs. Vitamix

At Thrive Cuisine, we highly recommend swapping your traditional store-bought frozen dairy desserts for whole fruit-based soft serve. Whole fruits are packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals which studies have shown keep us functioning at our most optimal levels. Compare this to a dairy-based dessert made primarily of milk and refined sugar and its easy to […]

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veggie bullet review

Veggie Bullet Review | Compare vs. Food Processor and Spiralizers

If you stay abreast on the latest kitchen gadgets, odds are you’ve heard of the Veggie Bullet. The Veggie Bullet is the latest product from the Magic Bullet / Nutribullet brand and its claim to fame is being able to slice, shred, and spiralize vegetables quickly and easily. For those of us who love to […]

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best vegan cheese brands

The Best Vegan Cheese Brands You Can Find Online and In Stores!

Cheese is one of those things that makes people cry: “I could never go vegan!” It’s delicious, it’s versatile, and western societies have been using it heavily for hundreds (or thousands) of years.Many of our favorite meals revolve around cheese, especially those that we associate with comfort foods or our childhoods. Because of this, going vegan […]

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vegan mayonnaise brands

The Best Vegan Mayonnaise Brands Online and In-Stores!

Mayonnaise is a creamy, white spread that originated in France and is typically made with eggs. It’s both a staple in any sandwich-making task and the base for plenty of recipes, including salad dressings, thickening recipes, and potato salads. If you’re of the European variety, you’re likely to have grown up dipping fries into it, […]

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vegan kimchi brands

Vegan Kimchi Brands Available Online and in Stores

Vegan Kimchi Brands can be hard to come upon. The traditional recipe includes fermenting salted napa cabbage or radish with an assortment of seasonings, including chili, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, and minced shrimp. It’s these last two ingredients that give the kimchi its umami flavor, but also that make it non-vegan. Quick Navigation Vegan Kimchi Brands […]

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vegan bbq sauce brands

Vegan BBQ Sauce Brands Compilation

Barbecue sauce is an American staple. You might know it best when it comes to barbecuing meat , but it’s a delicious addition to any meal. We don’t consider a burger truly done without vegan barbecue sauce – whether it’s a soy burger, bean burger or something else entirely! Quick Navigation Vegan Barbecue Sauce Brands Available OnlineVegan […]

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cuckoo rice cooker review

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

Rice is an indispensable part of Asian cuisine and has become a chief staple food the world over. Rice is cheap, filling and makes a great accompaniment to almost any meal. Using rice cookers is a foolproof way to cook restaurant quality rice, freeing up your time to get on with other tasks. Being a Korean brand […]

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