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Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review | Compare vs. Farberware

T-fal is one of the more popular cookware brands on the market and in accordance with the latest trends, they’ve released their very own sets of ceramic cookware. One of their most popular ceramic cookware lines is the “Initiatives” set. Is this cookware worth the hype? We review Tfal Ceramic Cookware and compare it to […]

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red copper vs copper chef

Copper Chef vs. Red Copper | In-Depth Comparison

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, then you’re probably looking for a new pan or piece of cookware made by Copper Chef or Red Copper. Both of their infomercials are all over the airwaves making rather bold claims about their products. In this article, we will answer two important questions:  Should you believe the hype about the Copper Chef or Red […]

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best pots and pans for gas stoves

Best Pots and Pans for Gas Stoves? We Compare Different Cookware.

Many believe gas stoves to be superior to their electric counterparts. The primary reason for this is heat control. Gas stoves allow you to adjust the heat very quickly while electric stoves take a while to heat up and cool down. Having the best pots and pans for your gas stove can enhance the cooking […]

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best oven mitts for cast iron

Best Oven Mitts for Cast Iron | Heat Resistant for Safe Handling

Whether you’re cooking in a cast iron skillet, enameled cast iron cookware, or brewing tea in a cast iron teapot, or even grilling up some veggies, having strong and heat resistant gloves is important. This is something that many people overlook, and unfortunately some may find themselves with a burned hand or dropped pan. Luckily, […]

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vegan hot chocolate brands

Is Hot Chocolate Vegan? The Best Vegan Hot Chocolate Brands!

ANSWER: From our research we found that there are many hot chocolate brands that aren’t vegan, but there are also plenty that are!There’s a reason that hot cocoa brings up warm memories of childhood. This classic chocolatey beverage makes everyone feel good, and there’s a type of hot cocoa for everyone. Veganism is no reason […]

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all about vegan ramen social image with chopsticks

Are Ramen Noodles Vegan? Plus 5 Vegan Ramen Brands & Recipes!

Are Ramen Noodles Vegan? Many of the most popular ramen brands are not vegan because their broth flavorings contain hidden animal products, such as chicken and beef.But lets be clear…The noodles themselves usually don’t contain any products. In fact, there are even several meat “flavored” ramen brands that are still 100% vegan and of course, […]

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vegan pesto sauce on bread - is it vegan

Is Pesto Vegan? Plus 6 Vegan Pesto Brands & Recipe Tips!

Is Pesto Vegan?Unfortunately, most pesto brands have parmesan cheese in them – even if only a small amount. This means that they are not vegan.Still, like all foods, there are many vegan basil pesto alternatives made nutritional yeast or options that simply leave out the parmesan cheese in favor of extra olive oil or pine nuts.We’ll show […]

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vegan frosting brands

Vegan Frosting Brands Available Online and In Stores

If you’re going to make a cake, you’re going to want frosting. Cake just isn’t the same without it. Most people don’t want to make their own frosting. We’re short on time, on patience, and we just like the convenience of store-bought frosting.Luckily, there’s no reason to forego it! There are a couple of vegan frosting brands available, and two […]

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best cast iron teapots for loose leaf tea

What is the Best Cast Iron Teapot for Loose Leaf Tea?

If you’ve been to a Japanese restaurant and ordered the house tea, you may have noticed that it was served in a medium-sized beautiful cast iron teapot. Inside the teapot held a beautiful swirl of loose leaves, as well as perhaps some added herbs or brown rice for additional flavor. The taste was delicate, complex, and […]

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best french fry cutter for sweet potato fries

The Best French Fry Cutters for Sweet Potatoes | Our Top Picks

If you’ve gone out to a restaurant lately you may have noticed that sweet potato fries are  becoming a popular alternative to their white potato counterparts. They have the perfect combination of sweet and savoriness which explains their increase in popularity. But what if you want to make your own sweet potato fries at home […]

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